The Pregnancy Cold

Oh how I miss my beloved Nyquil.

Not to be confused with the man cold, the pregnancy cold simply sucks because the standard cold remedies and over-the-counter meds are unable to be taken when one has a womb-mate.

Jackson has been battling the snots for about 2 weeks now, and it wasn’t until I came down with this cold that I realized he had actually been sick with his own little cold.

I had myself convinced it was allergies… Ragweed is out right now. We are in a different climate since moving 2 months ago. Jackson has a sensitive system. I talked myself out of thinking that he had a cold, because we all know that when the kid(s) get sick, the mom gets sick shortly thereafter.

And here I am, sick and missing Nyquil.

When I’m not attempting to get some extra rest, I’m drinking more fluids than usual (which is more than my non-pregnant usual, if that makes any sense at all), and added some tea with honey (because I like to pee pretty much all hours of the day) to my regimen. It’s a good thing that I recently stocked up on Kleenex because now I am almost out again.

Even Paul asked me this morning if I was crying or if I was just really congested.


Bottom line: the pregnancy cold is lousy, no doubt about it. Perhaps when I see my doctor this week, she will have a miracle cure or herbal concoction of wonderment that will cleanse my system of all of this snot.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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