The Prenatal Massage That Had Me in Tears

The Prenatal Massage That Had Me in Tears
Yesterday I hauled my enormous, 35 weeks pregnant self to the spa one last time for a haircut and prenatal massage. I’ve been in so.much.pain since around Week… honestly I don’t even know at this point, but maybe like Week 17? My hips grind at night, flipping over makes me cry, I can’t lay flat or on my side for long, and walking or sitting for more than a little while is painful.

Summing it up: I’m reading this to the baby when he’s 16 and thinks he’s going to tell me off. And I’ll be like, “OH WAIT JUST A MOMENT YOUNG MAN.”

Anyway, I went in and explained the hip/lower back pain to the therapist, who I’d also seen at 22 weeks. (Does it seem like that long ago?!) And she said it was sciatica. I don’t know, but it’s killer, so I asked that she direct most of the work there.

Halfway through the massage I was nearly asleep and she asked me to flip on my side, since I can’t be on my stomach, and started to work on my hips and lower back.

Then I died.

Honestly, it hurt so, so, so bad I thought I was going to come off the table. I gripped onto the pillow and thought of every hypnobirth recording and visualization I’d ever had in my life as she worked those areas. It wasn’t that she was pressing too hard or being too rough, because I would have said something about the baby. It was simply that she knew where I was all messed up and focused on those areas. I can’t think of another time in my life something hurt worse other than labor. Really. I was holding back tears just a few seconds in.

I laid there trying to remember to breathe, to not bite through my lips, to keep my hands from smacking her. I thought to myself at one point, “When she says flip over to the other side I’ll just say I can’t. I seriously can’t do this again.”

So I flipped.

There was absolutely no pain on the side I was laying on. It was like some sort of a freak miracle – usually someone has to help me roll over and then I try to find a position where my hips aren’t killing me. This time? Nothing. Just on that one side she worked on.

Which meant I had to go through it again because now I knew it worked.

When she was done a while later, I dressed and walked out to almost no pain. I teared up in sheer gratitude. I haven’t been pain-free in months, and part of me was starting to worry how I was going to give birth if I couldn’t even move my legs. I hugged her and told her she did an amazing job.

Today I have pain from the massage itself – just the muscles being worked. And there is some in the joints still, if I’m up or down for too long. But nothing like it was.

I am so thankful something took away some of the pain for me, even just short term. I feel like a different person.

And obviously the haircut after was less dramatic.

Always check with your Dr. first to get the all clear on this – we also saw ours the morning after to make sure everything was still ok. It is. 🙂


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