The "Push Present" Debate

I had never heard of a “push present” until my sister-in-law received one for “pushing out” aka “giving birth,” to my niece. My brother-in-law bought her a reclining leather chair which was intended for her to breastfeed in.

At the time, I kind of thought it was ridiculous gesture. I mean, wasn’t the gift of motherhood enough?

Additionally, she had already been thrown two baby showers. And the first few weeks home consisted of people ringing down her door with gifts and meals for her once the baby arrived.

What more could she ask for? Apparently, a leather chair.

And then a few years later, I gave birth to my firstborn. A few hours after delivery, my husband gave me a tiny blue box that held a beautiful cross necklace.

That dainty little sterling silver necklace that he presented to me just a few hours after giving birth is one of my prized possessions. While I don’t wear it that often (because I’m afraid of losing it), I have worn it while giving birth to my second daughter, and my son.

Yes, I plan on wearing it again for this labor. I now kind of think of it as a good luck charm when it comes to birthing.

My superficial “push present” has become something very special and dear to my heart. A piece of jewelry I hope to be able to pass down to one of my daughters someday.

Frivolous or not, I love my “push present,” and I think I like the sentiment behind them.

How about you? Are you expecting a “push present”? If so, what do you hope it is?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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