The Real Reason Pregnant Woman Shouldn't Lay on Their Back!

You know how they always tell you not to lay on your back while you are pregnant?  Something to do with circulation right?   I call bull on it all!

I discovered the real reason that pregnant women should avoid laying on their back, and I did that around 4am this morning while struggling to get out of bed to go pee for the 14th time.

I rolled over once, working my way towards the edge of the bed, and found myself on my back… but I was stuck…

I was trapped like a turtle stuck on its shell… you know you have seen it before… upside down, helpless until someone helps them along… and back onto their feet.

That was me, with a full bladder, and no one to call for help since my husband was in a deep sleep on the couch!

Eventually I made it off my back and sat up and was able to finally make it to the bathroom, thankfully before this problem created another problem!

Oh the joys of the third trimester!

photo: flickr.com/her wings

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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