The Intelligender Test Results Are In…

My Intelligender Results

The past Sunday I marked 10 weeks gestation in my current pregnancy, which also marked the date that I could take the intelligender test I got in the mail. I must admit, I am still skeptical about it, and never did it with my other two children, but this time around I thought the novelty of it all would be fun, and kinda cute.

As I dragged myself out of bed Sunday morning before my husband or children were awake, I ran into the bathroom praying no one would wake up and catch me in the meantime. Bathroom time these days without a small child or toddler busting through the door is really non-existent unless I utilize the lock. Which in most cases sends a child into a meltdown outside of the door. Oh the joys of Motherhood!

I followed the directions carefully, and peed into the little cup they provided. The took exactly 20 ounces of the urine and injected it into the hole in the top of the intelligender cup. Which looked like it was filled with pixie dust and glitter. I thought for sure with the contents of the cup, I would be peeing a girl result. It is no secret with two boys at home, we would enjoy a little girl to complete our family.

After injecting the urine, I swurled the contents of the cup around 10 times and then let it sit per the directions. It was the longest 9 minutes of my life… I tried to stay out of the bathroom while I was waiting for the color to change. Of course I went into the bathroom repeatedly and continued to try and analyze the color. Once the 9 minutes came, I was still confused. Depending on which way I turned the cup, it looked the color of the label. I thought it looked like girl, then I swore it looked like boy results.

After a couple minutes of arguing with myself in the bathroom, I went and woke my husband up who seemed less than thrilled to look at the contents of my sparkly pee in a cup. But once he realized it was the intelligender test that he in fact tore into before I had a chance to sit down and read the instructions, he was all about it.

All in all, we came to the conclusion that the results look like boy.

We will see for sure in another 10ish weeks come December when our big ultrasound comes and we get confirmation of what our little bundle of joy is. But if my cousin Courtney is right… my husband has too much testosterone to make a little girl!  Haha

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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