The Rugged Preggo

I came across an article about this company yesterday and got kind of excited. Though I usually don’t write much about clothes, I love this idea so much, mostly in theory, but hear me out.

Mountain Mama is a small company with a small footprint. Their aim is to “combine innovative technical fabrics and design to create stylish clothing that women can wear comfortably on the trail and in town, through every stage of pregnancy … and beyond.” They have won some awards for this kind of thinking.

And their clothes are awesomely gorgeous and not necessarily of the camping aesthetic. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.¬†Check out these women in their sexy maternity trekking pants, breathing in fresh air from base camp, steam from their red raspberry leaf tea and unfurling around their glowing Colorado complexions. I want to be pregnant! In a tent! About to hike uphill!

Oh, and their tagline “Expecting Adventure“? ¬†Pretty good.

Actually, when I was pregnant taking the subway to work felt like a mountain trek. Mostly, I’d rather have collapsed on the couch and read “Into Thin Air” than actually hit the trails. But I have a huge place in my heart for the pregnant hiker and I think she should have the hi-tech fabric clothes she deserves.

But there’s always a fine line between work out clothes and pajamas. The word sweats has been totally co-optd by the couch potato. So, let’s not get too ambitious.

The “Cloud’s Base Rest Maternity Top” pictured above is $59.00. The “award winning” fleece jacket below is $149.00. TheHere’s the rest of their fall collection.

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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