The Scheduled C-Section Stereotype

The scheduled cesarean… when you think about it you often think of the affluent women who are too posh to push and have no desire for a natural delivery.  Right?  I mean, at least I have seen a lot of it since I planning on having one myself.

Judgment, stereotypes, unwanted and unsolicited advice and information… enough to drive a pregnant woman right over the edge, and in the end it seemed like that is where I was heading until I finally went into labor and was officially done being pregnant.

But then again yesterday the stereotypes of scheduled c-sections reared its ugly head with a comment on those affluent women who choose c-sections because of course, they are just too good to give birth, go through pain (LOL!) or of course they want to schedule the birth around their modeling shoots, tummy tucks, and of course their pedicure appointments.   Gag!

And then there are the women out there, like myself who truly need to have c-sections to deliver their children safely. I learned this lesson after I labored, with no progress again a third time with a baby two pounds smaller than either of my older children confirming that there really is no way I can actually birth my babies.

And the comments about the kind of people who schedule their c-sections really piss me off. I am not affluent or rich, I am not too posh to push, in fact I would love to be able to have a natural birth… it simply isn’t in the cards for me.  It happens… and the rude comments don’t do anything but upset women like myself who have real reasons for major surgery for delivery.

Take a moment and think to yourself before you make some kind of stupid comment about a strangers delivery… and know that you certainly may not know the full story.

Will my comment be helpful or hurtful?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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