The Second Trimester Belly POP!

25 weeks and most definitely POPPED!

Every pregnant woman has heard it.  The concept that somewhere along the way, you experience some sort of “popping” phenomenon and suddenly have a big giant belly!

From very early on in pregnancy I was totally obsessed with when I would actually start showing, and spent no less than 30 minutes each day examining my stomach in the mirror for any sign of growth or change.  The funny thing is, seeing myself day in and day out, I’m not actually sure when it really happened.  There is most definitely a big belly now, but I’m not sure I ever woke up and felt like anything had popped.

My belly button is pretty close to “popping” but that’s another story…

Here are some belly shots from weeks 20 to 25, when the bump changed from “is she pregnant?” to “wow, she’s pregnant…”

  • Week 20 1 of 6
    Week 20
  • Week 21 2 of 6
    Week 21
  • Week 22 3 of 6
    Week 22
  • Week 23 4 of 6
    Week 23
  • Week 24 5 of 6
    Week 24
  • Week 25 6 of 6
    Week 25

You can read more from my 25 week pregnancy update on Daily Garnish!

Do you think I “popped” at any particular week?  When did you POP?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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