The Secret I Didn't Realize I Was Keeping from My OB

As I have mentioned, ad nauseum, I am a relentless rule follower. If you tell me not to do something and give a legitimate reason, I won’t do it. If you give me good evidence that something should be done, I’ll do it. When my doctor gives me foods/medications to avoid, I typically avoid them as much as is humanly possible. I may be a bit of an overreactor, but it’s just my way of controlling the uncontrollable journey of pregnancy.

Which is why I am surprised and a little embarrassed that I was totally breaking a rule and didn’t even know it. And that I’m probably going to continue breaking it if I can.

A few weeks ago my friend and I were discussing our prenatal vitamins. I’ve been taking some chewable ones I found at Target for almost a year now. I am a little wary of vitamins and thankfully, these have been pretty gentle on my stomach. Considering that I have never stuck to taking vitamins for more than a few days, I have been pretty proud of myself.

And then my friend told me she was taking the same prenatal vitamins until she read the label more closely, which, I’ll admit, I didn’t do at all. I was on an extra supplement of folic acid, which is usually what sets prenatals apart from other vitamins, so I sort of assumed that the rest of the vitamin would be your standard vitamin. Apparently not, because my prenatals contain absolutely zero iron.


But here’s the thing, my iron levels on all my bloodwork? Perfectly normal. I am not the least bit anemic and I just had new tests done last month to double check for anemia since I’ve been having some struggles with maintaining consciousness at work lately. All is well in iron land.

I have an OB appointment next week and I’m torn on whether or not to mention this to my OB. I sort of feel like since my iron levels are fine it doesn’t need to be mentioned, but the rule following, non-lying part of me is kind of torn. I really don’t want to add extra iron now since my stomach is already weary most days and constipation has been a perpetual enemy this pregnancy, but I also don’t want to risk any damage to my baby if there’s more I don’t know about the iron.

I’ve read that many women don’t take iron supplements during pregnancy and go on to have perfectly healthy babies. So why do I feel so guilty?

So I want to know, did you take iron supplements during pregnancy? With or without your OB’s blessing

My iron-free prenatal vitamins (pictured above) are available at Target.

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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