The Surprising Number of Babies Born at Walmart

Home births are on the rise. C-section rates are declining. Water births are popular. Orgasms during childbirth are a thing. That happens.

You know what else happens?

Having a baby at Walmart.  And–amazingly–it happens way more often that I ever would have guessed.

According to a recent Time Magazine article, four women gave birth to their babies at Walmart in 2013.


Sure, it’s not a huge number. But it means that four children–in the same year–were born at Walmart. Walmart. Not the most peaceful or scenic place to be born, though I must admit it’s pretty darn memorable. And different. And I can relate to having a different birth story.

I was born at home in Woodstock, NY, in 1978, to quintessential hippies. My mother drank teas (ancient potions, I’m sure) and took long walks in the hillside while she was in labor with me. I was born on a full moon, into the hands of a midwife named Morning Star, while my mother was squatting–not in the illegal-house-dwelling sense, but in the physical-position-of-a-squat sense. I am not making this up.

Unique births are cool, though I still can’t help but think it’s unfortunate to be born at Walmart. Especially in a Walmart bathroom, which is where two of the babies from last year made their grand entrances into this world. Another one was born in a Walmart pharmacy, and another in a Walmart parking lot–which is where this year’s First Baby Born at Walmart was also born.

The parking lot.

But the story gets better.

The woman, according to the Time article, was waiting in the car with her three other children while her husband did some shopping. Shortly after he left them in the car, the woman’s water broke and she had one super quick delivery. The baby was born in the car within minutes. With the woman’s three children present. A big ol’ family affair–except, of course, Dad was missing.

Hey, at least the baby got here safely, right?


Read the whole story from its source: Time Magazine
Photo: matteson.norman via Flickr Creative Commons

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