Babble's Top 50 Pregnancy Blogs Announced! Did your Favorite make the List?

Seven years ago, when I got pregnant for the first time, I felt I had very few places to turn to look to for support. I was the first of my siblings to grow my family, all my friend were still very much preoccupied with the next happy hour location, and I lived in a city where I had very little community to turn to for advice. To be honest, while it was a joyful time of my life, it also was very lonely.

And then sometime after my daughters first birthday, I made a glorious discovery. Blogs. Specifically, the mommy blog. Not to sound dramatic, but my world was opened up tenfold. I was no longer alone as I journeyed through live raising my young family.

This week at Babble, we announced the Top 50 Pregnancy Blogs. What I love the most about this list is that it’s not just 50 popular bloggers that just happen to be knocked up at the moment. No, the list is a true resource for anyone waddling through the journey of conception, gestation, and raising a young family.

Broken down into 6 categories, the list is easy to navigate. Go ahead, find your tribe:

  • Want to dive into someone else’s pregnancy journey? Watch and read as they document each stretch mark, belly kick, and food craving? BEST PERSONAL BLOGS are for you.
  • Desperately on the hunt for inspiration as you design the baby nursery? Researching baby gear and don’t know where to turn? The BEST STYLE blogs have all best “stuff” you’re looking for.
  • Searching for an all-inclusive site that covers an umbrella of pregnancy topics? Want to find a place to hang where you won’t feel like the big weirdo in the room? The wit and wisdom of theĀ  MOST INFORMATIVE blogs can help.
  • Need advice about a crazy symptom so embarrassing it makes you blush just thinking about it? Seek refuge with the FRIENDLIEST EXPERTS.
  • And lastly, the “readers choice” category. We’re asking you to NOMINATE YOUR FAVORITE pregnancy blog. Either tell us which blog you love, or vote for your favorite lady already on the list.

40 weeks of pregnancy can sometimes feel like an eternity, let’s not tackle this journey alone. Food cravings, mood swings, and that unexplained discharge? I hear you loud and clear.

Thank God for the internet, and all the amazing resources it has given us. And who knows, someday you might find your best friend (who you “met” on the internet, hello there, #6 “best personal” blogger) on one of these amazing lists.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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