The Top 50 Pregnancy Facebook Fan Pages

Babble asked me to compile the Top 50 Pregnancy Facebook Fan Pages and though the idea of finding a full 50 was daunting at first it was, ultimately, a relief. It turns out there are too many good ones. In fact, I’d bitch about Facebook a lot more if it weren’t for the quality of my feed. The quality is not just due to good taste in ex-boyfriends, either, but the direct result of people like Jill Arnold at The Unnecesarean who single-handedly disproves the assumption that hardcore activists can’t also be totally hilarious. I have also really been enjoying Midwife Thinking and Mama Birth, lately. Not to mention good old Childbirth Connection (best evidence-based maternity care info on the web!) and Science And Sensibility.

And then there are the Facebook fan pages that help remind us that making babies is as intellectual an act, as it is a biological one: Brain, Child; The Mom Egg and A Mother Is Born.

I tune into The Science of Kids because, hey, the science of pregnancy, birth, parenthood, infancy and child development is completely and utterly fascinating. And no one– I MEAN NO ONE– should go through pregnancy and new parenthood without regular status updates from Let’s Panic! Babies. Let’s Panic! Babies is The Onion of the parenting advice industry, and it’ll will put you squarely back on the planet earth next time you have heart palpitations over some alarmist headline about room temperature turkey sandwiches.

I cracked  up when I found an entire Facebook page devoted to the hormone oxytocin.  If you know my blogging you’ll know I prattle on about oxytocin  all the time. Laboring women and new mothers are flooded with this “bonding” hormone, so maybe it’s worth getting to know a little bit about how it works? “Like” the Oxytocin fan page and you will.

I hope you enjoy the whole list, here it is: Babble’s Top 50 Pregnancy Facebook Fan Pages.
And please know that if I missed you, you can nominate yourself! Facebook has gotten quite large as you know, so it’s hard to wrangle every loose, pregnant end.

I’m working on the 50 Best Pregnancy Blogs now, so if you have any to nominate, comment here! I want to know about you.


Article Posted 5 years Ago

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