The Top Pregnancy Stories The Week (No Mother’s Day! Good Bacteria! Gloria Sarsgaard!)

Jenna Fisher says so what if her boobs sag, she made a human.

* Christy Turlington asks mothers to stand in solidarity with women around the world who face preventable death during pregnancy and childbirth by saying no to Mother’s Day this year. The campaign draws harsh criticism from moms want to enjoy their handmade cards in peace. Could do-gooder Facebook status updating have actually reached critical mass?

* Rates of premature birth in the US rival those of the third world.  Meanwhile, this pregnant science writer wonders why everyone, including her doctor, wants to rush her healthy baby out.

* A Forbes magazine writer calls the media obsession with postpartum weight loss misogynist.

* Jenna Fisher, of The Office, says, “Who cares if our boobs are hanging low and we have a little more junk in the trunk? We created a human being, everybody.”

* Pregnant CrossFit training redefines “body building.” To see an expectant mom engaged in hard-core weight lifting is astonishing, if not immediately inspiring.

* This pregnant writer realizes her ob/gyn has never once asked her about nutrition and exercise during pregnancy. We all wonder what happened to preventable medicine?

* Jessica Simpson finally gave birth Tuesday putting an end to 40 weeks of daily media updates on everything from her sweaty maternity Spanx to her earth-shattering pregnancy orgasms.

* Maggie Gyllenhaal and Pater Sarsgaard name their daughter Gloria. Fans of slightly dorky, old-fashioned names swoon and consider similar options: Veronica? Wanda? Come on people. Let’s do this!

* A study shows that bacteria in breast milk helps colonize a baby’s gut and boost the immune system in a way that can have lasting and positive impacts on health.

* Another study shows, breastfeeding “isn’t free,” but in fact leads to fewer pay days for moms. So we should all stop breastfeeding and get back to work! Or…  mend a system that fails to support new parents.

* A piece in the NY Times magazine tells the story of an Alabama mom who is sent to jail for taking methamphetamine during pregnancy. Several major organizations and many hundreds of Facebook status up-daters  maintain that her conviction “sets a dangerous precedent.”

* Two days later the NY Times informs us that every hour a baby is born addicted to narcotics. Experts agree the best way to change this is to help women kick drugs before pregnancy: Healthcare reformers and contraception advocates, over to you.

* Scientologists Jenna Elfman and Kelly Preston celebrate clean living via breastmilk and organic food. Snark aside, Elfman makes the salient point: “There are familial barriers and institutional barriers [to breastfeeding]… My mom didn’t breast-feed me. My generation was all formula-fed mothers. The first time I saw someone breast-feed I was 11 or 12.”

* This baby was born in the sac. Wicked cool.

* Saturday was International Day of the Midwife: Thank you to all the midwives for your knowledge, your patience, your ability to watch and listen and understand our bodies. Thank you for waking up in the middle of the night. Thank you to Miriam Schwarzschild for telling me I was strong and “really good at it” right when I felt like giving up. And thank you to those who support midwives and midwifery care all over the world. We need more midwives.

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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