The Twelve Pregnant Days of Christmas

This Friday is Christmas Eve… and I couldn’t be more terrified as a parent. I am totally unprepared, but that is totally besides the point today. A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about presents that you should never get a pregnant woman, or at least stuff I would be pretty upset if I got for myself.

Today I bring you 12 gifts a pregnant woman, or at least this pregnant woman would enjoy. So for all you last minute shoppers… wink wink. LOL Why 12? Well we have the 12 days of Christmas, the 12 pains of Christmas… and it gives all you a ton of ideas… right?

1. A soft, comfortable, warm blanket – This is my second pregnancy in the winter… and there is nothing better than curling up with your own comfy blanket and not having to share with kids, or a husband!

2. A massage – Who doesn’t want a prenatal massage? I could really go for a nice, professional rub down right about now! Damn sciatica!

3. Gift card for favorite restaurant – All pregnant women have that one place they constantly crave during pregnancy. Mine happens to be a local family owned pizza place, last pregnancy it was Mexican food…

4. Good pregnancy/birth books – Skip The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy, and get her a book that is really helpful. There are a lot of great books out there for mothers, especially first time mothers. Some of my favorites include:

  • My Best Birth – Ricki Lake
  • The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth – Henci Goer
  • The Official Lamaze Guide
  • Birthing From Within – Pam England
  • Gentle Birth Choices – Barbara Harper (She is a sweetheart!)
  • Creating Your Birth Plan – Marsden Wagner
  • Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth – Ina May Gaskin

5. iPad – Who doesn’t want one this year? With all the neat applications related to pregnancy and birth, as well as something easy to pack and occupy you during your hospital stay… you can’t go wrong. Hint hint, husband!

6. A full night’s sleep – When asking my pregnant followers on Facebook and twitter, this was a popular one. I think this goes along with the Christmas onesie I have for my boys: “All Mommy wants for Christmas is a silent night.” But seriously… sleep is important to pregnant women, so one night isn’t too much to ask!

7. Wine – Yes, wine… I said it! While I personally won’t drink during pregnancy, posters like Monica have shared interest in getting a nice bottle for Christmas.

8. Prenatal class – Some kind of prenatal yoga or dancing classes. Not only are they really great exercise, but they also tend to be pretty pricey so many women opt out of them. At least that is how it is here where I live in Connecticut. This can also go for a childbirth education class too!

9. A body pillow – God only knows I could totally use a new one right now. In the past 3 weeks I have become unable to sleep in my favorite position in bed, so I am in serious need of something to help me get comfortable other than my giant couch cushions. Believe me, she will thank you!

10. Digital video camera – Who doesn’t want one?  Heck I know I love mine! It has helped us to catch so many special family moments that we can now cherish forever. Flip cams are so easy to use, and Babble is actually giving one away right now!

11. A robe – What is better than a nice fluffy and comfortable robe?  I lived in the one I got at my baby shower with my oldest for ever. Heck I still live in it!

12. A girls’ night out – Yes!  We all need one of these. Dinner, maybe some dancing… or just getting out a couple hours to forget she is pregnant, or responsible for other children.

Tons of ideas for our partners, right?
No excuses for bad gifts this year now… haha!  So, what do you want for this pregnant Christmas?


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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