Things I’ve Learned About Being Pregnant So Far

With my first trimester successfully finished I can officially say that I am no longer completely in the dark about pregnancy and what it entails.  I’m sure there is still plenty of weirdness to ensue and lot more to learn, but I thought that I’d compile a list of things I’ve learned so far about being pregnant….

1. The non-stop peeing begins instantly.  How did I not know this?

2. Reading too much about pregnancy is a bad idea.  Asking friends for real-life advice has been much less scary and way more useful than some of the pregnancy books.

3. If you don’t have morning sickness right away you’ll wish for it, just so you know everything’s ok.  Once you have it, you’ll wonder why you ever wanted such a thing.

4. And speaking of morning sickness…apparently it doesn’t actually just happen in the morning.  It doesn’t discriminate between time of day and can actually strike all day long.  Awesome.

5.  Eating like a glutton actually helps with the nausea contrary to what common sense would have you believe.  Eating every 2 hours was my official meal plan during the first trimester.  Anytime my stomach was even a little bit empty I felt like barfing.

4. There are endless lists of things you can’t eat when you’re pregnant.  I was super intense about following everything at first, but then I kinda chilled out and I’ve been much happier for it.

5. Feeling bloated is the new black.  I think I had a misconception that a cute little baby bump would just show up right away and there wouldn’t be an awkward in between stage, but apparently pregnancy is just like growing out a bad haircut – there is most definitely an awkward in between stage and it involves lots of bloatiness.  Yes.  I know that’s not a word, but I’m using it anyway.

6. Painful boobs and ill-fitting bras are just part of the territory.  It gets better once you get closer the the 2nd trimester.

7. Calculating your due date is totally confusing.  Apparently you’re pregnant before you’re actually pregnant?  And when your baby is 10 weeks old, you’re in your 11th week…. what?  I know.  I’m confused too.

8. When people find out you’re pregnant they want to tell you about all the weird things that are going to happen to your rapidly-changing body; things you never wanted to know and can never un-know.  I’m just hoping it was an overexaggeration.  They’re exaggerating, right??

9. I’m a really bad liar.  People asked about when we were going to be having babies long before I was ever pregnant, but once I actually was, it was really hard to keep up a poker face and most people just figured it out.  Oh…and also…telling your parents that you’re pregnant feels kind of awkward.  They officially know we’re having sex.  They obviously knew before, but now it’s a mathematical certainty.

10. I now smile like a complete idiot whenever I see a pregnant belly or little baby.  It’s a real problem.


What have you learned about being pregnant so far?  Have you encountered any surprises or were you prepared for it all?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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