10 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Your Wife is in Labor

10 Things You Shouldn't Do When Your Wife is in LaborI remember the first time I went into labor with my first child. I had a lot of fears as I walked into the hospital about to have my world change forever.

I was worried about how I would handle the pain, what was going to happen and if my child was going to be okay. I was thankful that I had my husband by my side to be there to support me and ease thisĀ transitionĀ for the both of us. I was also very thankful my mom was there too — someone who has done it 4 times over and could offer me an honest perspective.

Now, my husband did a great job as my “birth coach” and while he certainly didn’t do everything on the list after the jump, he did a few things that I won’t let him live down for doing while I was in labor.

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  • Don’t Miss the Birth 1 of 10
    Don't Miss the Birth
    If it's really in your hands, you do not want to miss the birth of your babe. Your support in the room will be invaluable and it's a moment you can't get back.
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  • Don’t Ask About the Football Game 2 of 10
    Don't Ask About the Football Game
    This is not the time to worry about if your team is going to win the game. Get your focus on to your wife where it should be.
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  • Don’t Flirt With the Nurses 3 of 10
    Don't Flirt With the Nurses
    Sure your wife is sweaty, grumpy and may not be the happiest person in the world right now, but don't ... just don't.
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  • Don’t Fall Asleep 4 of 10
    Don't Fall Asleep
    If she is asleep, sure take a snooze, but you better be up every second she is!
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  • Don’t Talk On The Phone 5 of 10
    Don't Talk On The Phone
    If you're bored, ask her what you can do for her. Start rubbing her feet or work on those thank you notes from the baby shower.
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  • Don’t Laugh 6 of 10
    Don't Laugh
    She may moan and groan and who knows what else that may prompt you to giggle. Don't ! Sure, humor is a good thing but if she's not laughing, you aren't either.
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  • Don’t Compare Your Pain to Hers 7 of 10
    Don't Compare Your Pain to Hers
    You breaking your pinky finger doesn't compare to what she's going through. Don't try to understand.
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  • Don’t Be an Annoying Cheerleader 8 of 10
    Don't Be an Annoying Cheerleader
    Don't point out when she's having a contraction on the monitor. Don't give that hooey "you can do this babe" chat over and over again when she's pushing.
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  • Don’t Share Anything She Wouldn’t 9 of 10
    Don't Share Anything She Wouldn't
    She may be worried that she was making totally normal noises. She may have pooped on the delivery table. She may have said something totally random as she met her child face-to-face for the first time. It all may be funny to you, even though it's totally normal. Check with her if you can share some of those "embarrassing" moments.
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  • Don’t Cringe 10 of 10
    Don't Cringe
    It may not always be pretty, but it's your partner and your baby. Pretend if you have to!
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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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