Third Time Around: 10 Ways Pregnancy Is Different When You Have Children

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If I could go back and tell myself certain things during my first pregnancy, I think I would have looked at the experience in a completely different way. I’ve learned so many things going through other pregnancies that I feel so much more prepared going through this one. In fact, now that I have two little ones running around, this third pregnancy is completely different in so many ways. There is so much more to do and to get done, and hardly any time to really focus on the pregnancy like I did the first time.

With very little time to sit and think about this pregnancy, I am taking the time I do have to sit and reflect on just how much different this experience is from my other pregnancies.

1. Everything Goes By Much Faster

With two little ones running around, unfortunately I have no time to stop and really take the time to reflect on the pregnancy. I took weekly photos of my belly when I was pregnant with my oldest. Now I’m lucky if I’m even the one in front of the camera at all. Knowing that this is most likely my last pregnancy, I have tried to make an effort to stop and enjoy all the things that pregnancy has to offer. It’s just extremely difficult to do so.

2. You Know What To Expect

Although every pregnancy is different, you generally know what to expect from pregnancy the third time around. I know what type of symptoms to expect, when I should and should not call the doctor, and what kind of tests I need throughout the pregnancy.

3. All Of The Changes To Your Body Come Earlier

I impatiently waited for my bump to start showing during my first and second pregnancies. I couldn’t wait to show off something for all of that time that I had spent feeling ill and sleepy during those first few months. It wasn’t until after 20 weeks that I even had anything to show for my pregnancy. But this time? Let’s just say it all happened a lot faster.

4. Preparation For Baby Begins Much Later

As soon as I found out I was pregnant with my oldest daughter, the first thing I did was go on all of the baby websites to see what I needed. I wanted to shop right away for the clothes and baby gear. With my second pregnancy, I was so busy doing other things that I didn’t go and get all of the baby stuff out of storage until my seventh month of pregnancy. With this little boy, we haven’t even discussed when we are going to get all of the baby gear. As long as he has a crib, diapers and clothes, I think we are good.

5. Morning Sickness Gets Progressively Worse

I suffered from morning sickness for the first seven months during my first pregnancy. I didn’t get sick until around 10 weeks, and it just stayed for a while. With my second pregnancy, the morning sickness started around 8 weeks and never went away. The anti-nausea medicine that worked like a charm during my first pregnancy only slightly helped. It wasn’t until I finally gave birth to Avery that I finally didn’t feel nauseous.

And this time?

This time morning sickness was my first indicator that I was pregnant. Yup; I was throwing up before I even took a pregnancy test. It got so bad this time that I was diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum and had to be put on an IV for three weeks during my first trimester. Now I am taking my Zofran every 8 hours to feel well. When I spoke with my doctor she said that a lot of times unfortunately the morning sickness gets progressively worse with each pregnancy.

6. Sleep Is Much Better

I remember dwelling on not being able to sleep on my stomach the first time I was pregnant. Sleep used to be so uncomfortable for me and was so hard to get once my bump got big enough. The back pain, charlie horses, and general discomfort left me up at night. Now with two kids, I am so tired at night that I don’t care how uncomfortable I am. I sleep so well regardless!

7. The Love From Your Children Is Indiscernible

With your first pregnancy, everyone relishes in your excitement over the news. It’s a great feeling to have everyone with you and congratulating you, and having them ask how you are doing all of the time. The love that surrounds you is so much different when you are pregnant with children. My girls love to come up and touch my belly. The joy in their faces when they feel their little brother move around is perfection. There is nothing like getting little kisses on your belly from your very own children.

8. I Will Eat Anything

I swore off of every single food on the “do not eat while pregnant list” when I was pregnant with my first. I gave up coffee all together, socaffeine was a thing of the past. My doctor told me I could have a glass of wine every once in a while, but I told him there was no way I would ever do it. With this pregnancy, a glass of wine is necessary every once in a while. I eat deli meat and even sushi. I am still cautious about foods with raw egg and things not pasteurized, but for the most part I don’t worry as much about the foods I obsessed about in my first pregnancy.

9. All Of The “Negatives” Don’t Bother Me Anymore

The weight gain, varicose veins, swelling, nausea, and anything else that people look to as the “negatives” of pregnancy don’t bother me at all anymore. Sure I am self-conscious about some things, but I know it will all go away when this baby is born. I am finally comfortable enough to know that all of the changes happening to my body during these nine months are only temporary and are completely worth it when you hold that baby in your arms for the first time.

10. It’s Much More Relaxing

Although I am running around after two little girls, I am much more relaxed during this pregnancy. I don’t worry about nearly half the stuff that I did with the first and second. I read so many books on what to do and not to do when I was pregnant with my first. I had a running list for my doctor and would even make several phone calls during the week when I was unsure of something. I was a bit crazy when it came to obsessing over the rights and wrongs to do when pregnant.  Now that I have been through pregnancy a few times, I know what my body can handle, and I am so much more relaxed about everything. I’ve learned that I need to make pregnancy the best for me and listen to my body rather than what every single book says. I know what’s best for me.

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