Third Trimester Burn

I’m not sure if it is worse than need to get up at least twice at night to pee but it is definitely just as annoying. Plus it’s uncomfortable.

And just like those late night “oh my got get off my bladder” bathroom trips this only seems to happen at night.

After I’m all cozied up in bed with a book.

It’s heartburn and frankly it sucks.

I don’t think it’s your run of the mill heartburn either. Nope, this is something far more evil. It doesn’t just sit in my chest. Instead it creeps its way up into my throat and sits there burning my esophagus taunting me to burp and not puke in the process. What is up with that?

Maybe it is because I’m running out of room with my innards being pushed out of the way to make room for the baby. Maybe I should stop eating a few hours before I go to bed. Yeah right, like THAT will ever happen.

Whatever it is, the Tums in my nightstand drawer are once again seeing the light of day and I’m eating them like they are little discs of heavenly relief.

Did you suffer from heartburn near the end of your pregnancy?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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