Third Trimester Laziness: Another Undocumented Pregnancy Symptom

Sleeping pregnant womanI’m about 33 weeks pregnant now and a brand new symptom has crept into my life: unabandoned laziness.

If you know me in real  life you know I’m a pretty energetic person. For example, I like to jam-pack my days as a SAHM with lots of activities. I slam a big cup of morning coffee and then we’re off to the supermarket, library, playground, dry cleaner…and that’s all before 11am. Thankfully, both my kids (ages 3 and 5) are equally high energy so now over breakfast the common question is, “Mama, what are we going to do today?” because they know I’ve already got a bunch of activities all mapped out.

But you guys, something is happening to me with this third pregnancy. All the aches and pains that didn’t plague me until 36 or 37 weeks with the first two babies are happening now. If I stand up for more than 15 minutes I get those sciatica pains shooting down my legs from my butt. The muscles in my crotch start to ache from the weight of my uterus. And I’m just plain tired, yo.

So for the past week when the kids ask, “Mama, what are we doing today?” I’m very tempted to answer, “How about we sit on the couch all morning? Maybe I’ll get up to pee a couple times and then we’ll all take a nap. Sound good?”

And it doesn’t stop with my kids. I’m feeling lazy about everything these days. As you read this I’m sitting on the Mass Pike on the way into Boston for one of my prenatal checkups. Earlier in my pregnancy I looked forward to these trips from the suburbs because I spring for a sitter, so it’s an hour by myself in the car listening to NPR with no complaints from the back seat, followed by reading magazines uninterrupted in the waiting room. Bliss! But today I really don’t feel like schlepping my pregnant butt to Boston. Can’t I just phone in my blood pressure reading and overnight FedEx them a cup of my pee?? That would be soooooo much easier.

Did you experience an energy low nearing the end of your pregnancy?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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