Timeline of a Twin Pregnancy – 16 weeks in Pictures

One thing I’m so glad I did was keep an almost weekly picture account of this pregnancy from the pee stick to my current week (16).

I missed doing a lot of this with my daughter Bella and swore I’d be better next time. So even before there were twins, there were pics. I didn’t have much to photograph before week 9, and the fact that there was a bump already (but I didn’t know about twins yet) made me not want to take pics because I was convinced it was me just being a lard ball. And then there was snapping the zipper with teeth clean off my jeans at 8 weeks. 

I’ve put it all together in a slideshow for you to see how big (with lots of time to go!) I’ve gotten over the weeks, and included a few fun pics from along the way. I promise those are water droplets on the stick from rinsing it. Swearsies.

Please to enjoy:

  • Just the start. 1 of 9
    Just the start.
    I was 3 weeks 4 days. Total surprise it even showed up.
  • Week 9 2 of 9
    Week 9
    This is the week we found out we were expecting twins. I was already in maternity clothes.
  • Week 11 3 of 9
    Week 11
    Bella snuck in for this one. Deathly ill is all I remember. Deathly.
  • Week 12 4 of 9
    Week 12
    This one made a lot of people go, "Whoa." Because all of the sudden, there was a bump.
  • Week 13 5 of 9
    Week 13
    We were told we could have identical instead of fraternal. Scared the crap out of me as I had no idea what mono-di meant when the Dr announced it as I was checking out.
  • Week 14 6 of 9
    Week 14
    Bella and her inside babies. I was starting to feel better. And wanting to eat. Finally.
  • Week 15 7 of 9
    Week 15
    Headed out to dinner, my sister grabbed this shot.
  • 16 weeks 8 of 9
    16 weeks
    I've popped like WHOA this week. Hello pregnant lady. According to my Dr last week, my uterus is measuring around 22+ weeks.
  • Twin A and B (or Bo & Go) 9 of 9
    Twin A and B (or Bo & Go)
    This was our 13 week ultrasound. We find out the sexes of both next week - if they cooperate. Fingers (but not legs) crossed!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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