Tips For Surviving Bed Rest Boredom

If you had a doctor tell you that you had to stay in bed, relinquish all your responsibilities and do the bare minimum on your feet  – that might sound like a dream come true.

For some pregnant woman bed rest is vital for keeping their pregnancy safe and bed rest is not as glamorous at it may seem. Whether it’s partial bed rest at home or full on restricted in a hospital room, bed rest can leave anyone feeling bored, frustrated and out of touch after a few weeks.

Click through to read some tips on keeping your bed rest boredom at bay:

Keep Your Routine: Might sound like a backwards idea but having a routine will help keep you from going bed crazy. Plan to get dressed daily and put on a bit of make up (if that’s what you normally would do). Modifying where you have to for your bed rest orders, keeping a morning routine as similar as you can to your normal routine will help break up the day/night and energize you.

While In Bed, Sleep: Using this time to catch up on some ‘zzzz’s can both help pass time and energize your mind and body.  Once the baby arrives sleep will be a luxury and using this time to rest, relax and sleep can do you a world of good.

Count On Your Girlfriends: If you can’t go out with your girlfriends, have them over for fun. Plan a weekly get together doing various things each week. Movie night theme parties, spa time at home.  It doesn’t have to be just you alone all the time.

Step Out Of Your Zone: Is there a movie series that you have heard a lot about but haven’t watched? What about a new book author your friends are raving about but you haven’t had time? Taking this time to expand out your regular or usual entertainment genres can help pass the time.

Learn Something New: Always wanted to learn how to knit? What about tackling a new language? Use this time to expand your skills and brain power to combat the boredom.

Scrapbook: Have you been wanting to keep a cute journal or record of your pregnancy? Why not bust out the fancy paper and scissors and put together a book of photos and quotes from your wedding or for your current pregnancy.

Become a Kid Again: Remember all those fun board games you used to play as a child? Why not break them out and have some fun with your partner or friends? If you have a game console like a Playstation or X-Box those can give you hours of entertainment as well.

Prepare Wirelessly: Want to prepare your nursery? Need clothes and essentials for the babe? Awesome thing is you can now do that online and have them shipped right to your house. Spending time browsing through pinterest, etsy and your favorite department stores.

Social Media’s Your New Best Friend: Now we have our friends at our fingertips through social media. You can start your own blog, chat with friends anytime on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.  Finding others who have been through – or are going through – bed rest and can offer tips/tricks/insight will be incredibly helpful.

:: What tips or advice do you have to survive bed rest boredom? ::

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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