Tips: Going From One Kid to Two

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I’m gearing up to make the jump from one kiddo to two. I stay at home with our two-year-old now, and with my second on the way, I am soon to be outnumbered for the majority of the day. Oh dear.

I’m worried about how I’ll manage anything and everything. To get help, I made a shout-out to my Facebook crew, asking for advice on how to best prepare for the move from mother of one to mother of multiples.

Getting ready to be a mom of two? Here’s what some pals said about how to prepare. I have to say, a postpartum doula sounds pretty amazing … and so does an iPad.

Jordan: “Get help.”

Natalie: “The toughest part is finding ways to occupy #1’s time while you’re busy taking care of #2 endlessly. sadly, my kids watched way too much tv during those first few weeks…and i had to put a lock on the pantry to keep my guy from unloading it while i was powerlessly feeding the baby for hours. just do what you’ve got to do and don’t be hard on yourself … and enjoy that little baby! as you know, it goes way too fast!

Kristin: “postpartum doula 100%. Best thing I ever. ever. ever. did.”

Brad: “Planned on it being the hardest/worst thing ever.”

Emily: “Lower your expectations of what you are going to get accomplished in the day. And find a good babysitter.”

Elizabeth: “get a double jogging stroller. it’s great for the kids and you.”

Maeve: “iPad.”

Amber: “Lower your expectations, especially at first. If only one of the three of you gets a shower/tub during the day–big success. If you make it out of the house once a week–wahoo!, success. Baby steps. Mostly, just be easy on yourself. You are only one person and if getting to sit and eat, take a shower, or read a blog means your first watches a little or a lot of tv/eats junk/doesn’t get entertained like you’d hoped, it’s just fine and you are still a good mom. Be kind to herself. It’s the hardest thing to do. (Well, that and showering, which I seem to mention a lot.)”

Chelsea: “I’ve found that going from 1 to 3, I just can’t have the same expectations. Tell yourself there is a season for everything, and right now is your season to stay home and enjoy your little babies. That’s how I (sort of) make it through my day. Also, I set aside a time each day where it’s JUST me and Tate (my older) time. That has seemed to help her with the adjustment too.”

Maeve: “We also made a book for our first (Social Story) of what was going to happen and how life would change. I really think it helped him understand more of what was going on.”

Ashley: “Remember that even though you feel like you are betraying and neglecting your firstborn, and not giving as much time to the second as you did to the first, in the end they will be far more grateful that you gave them a sibling than they would be for that undivided attention.”

Jenny: “When they both cry at the same time and you are now outnumbered … laugh. :)”

Sunny: “It helps to put the older one in preschool. The toddler is so much tougher than the baby. Also make sure you give your first special time when your newbie is snoozing.”

Jeremy: “Patience … and Brad is right. It’s better to expect the worst and try your hardest and then things will inevitably turn out better than you imagined they would. That said, don’t agonize about things or feel defeated before you cross that road, but just prepare for the worst and hope for the best.”

Geri: “Learn to laugh at yourself as well as at them. And don’t look in the mirror!”

Any advice you’d like to add? Please chime in! Or, what’s your biggest worry in going from one to two kids?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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