Tips On Sex During Pregnancy From Real Moms

Sex while pregnant can be amazing and beautiful — but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with its own set of challenges. It can be tricky to figure out what works and what feels comfortable. I know what has worked for me, but what works for me, won’t necessarily work for you. Women’s bodies are different, and it may take some time to figure out the magical formula — but the end results can be well worth it!

In order to broaden the horizon I’ve asked several pregnant women and moms what has helped them get in the mood or feel more comfortable while being intimate during pregnancy. These brave women did not disappoint! Keep reading for some tips that I hope will help you enjoy this unique time in you and your partner’s lives.

  • Lubricant 1 of 11
    With my crazy hormones I completely dried up like the Sahara Desert down there. I've never had that happen so I made sure to buy some lubricant to make things smoother. I also had a talk with my husband about what the hormones were doing to me so he wouldn't take it personally.
  • Mood Lighting 2 of 11
    Mood Lighting
    My husband and I light candles. They are romantic and make everything glow and look beautiful. Even with a huge baby belly I actually feel sexy in candlelight! One tip: keep the candles to a minimum, there's no need to light 10 candles. Just a couple do the trick by adding enough light to see without over-lighting the situation.
  • Music 3 of 11
    I must have music, or our sex playlist. We've got a few playlists depending on our mood. My husband will ask me what I feel like listening to and when the music begins, I can't wait to be together. It's also got the added bonus of covering up awkward noises or grunts from me trying to get comfortable in my giant state.
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  • Intimacy Without Sex 4 of 11
    Intimacy Without Sex
    I have to be honest, sex of any kind throughout my pregnancy was not my thing. I had zero sex drive, yet I still wanted to feel intimate with my husband. We did things like gave each other massages, cuddled in bed, or took baths together. We never hugged and kissed as much as when I was pregnant. We actually felt closer than ever, even with very limited sex.
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  • Alternatives To Intercourse 5 of 11
    Alternatives To Intercourse
    Sometimes I'm just too uncomfortable to have intercourse, but I still want to pleasure and be pleasured. When this is the case we have oral sex or I let my husband "enjoy my enhanced breasts."
  • Use Your Imagination 6 of 11
    Use Your Imagination
    Once I could finally have sex, after six weeks of bed rest, I was so big I had to close my eyes and pretend I had my normal body. That giant belly was off-putting, but once I had my perfect body in mind, I was able to enjoy myself and my husband and reach climax.
  • Sex From Behind 7 of 11
    Sex From Behind
    We did a lot of "from behind" positions: on our sides, "doggie," him standing on the floor and me kneeling on the bed, standing up with one leg up, and me sitting on his lap. After the pregnancies were over, we discovered that our favorite position is on our sides, so we still do that one a lot, even now.
  • Perineal Massage 8 of 11
    Perineal Massage
    Perineal massage is great foreplay. My husband massages my perineal, then moves up to my clitoris. He gets incredibly turned on by being up close and taking over and it all feels good to me so by the time the massage is finished we are more than ready for sex.
  • A Tank Top 9 of 11
    A Tank Top
    I bought a couple of maternity tank tops in black, with a strip of lace at the top of the boobs, and it has really helped me feel better about my body during sex! It hides the extra folds and stretch marks, leaves a bit to the imagination, and makes things a little sexier.
  • The Vibrator 10 of 11
    The Vibrator
    My hormones are like a teenage boy during this pregnancy. I just have to take care of myself all the time. My husband and I are still intimate, but I'm going crazy and need sex constantly. I don't always tell him when I've taken things into my own hands either — I wouldn't want him thinking he was inadequate.
  • Porn 11 of 11
    There's a lot of free Internet porn that I used to help get me in the mood during my 3rd trimester, which led to some crazy sex that I never thought we would (could) do!
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