Tips & Tricks for Fighting the Fever

Fighting a fever is one of those nightmares parents could totally do without. When your Little has a fever it is so nerve wracking and anything but fun, especially a high fever. Today across Babble you are seeing lots of great go-to info on fevers. With lots of hands-on experience, I have had my fair share of dealing with fevers. Hopefully these tips + tricks and home remedies I use in my home will help battle your next fever.

  • One of the best ways to overcome fevers in our house is to alternate Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Start with Ibuprofen and four hours later give Tylenol. Remember, never give a child asprin–it can put them at risk for a rare but serious disease known as Reye’s syndrome. Try a cool washcloth on the forehead or a sponge bath with lukewarm, never cold, water.
  • Drink plenty of fluids. Like my Momma always said,”Feed a cold. Starve a fever.” Offer your Little plenty of fluids and chilled foods. Even if they are an infant, it won’t hurt them to suck on an ice pop. It helps cool the body from the insdie out but always keeps them hydrated.
  • Always use a fan! Whenever one of our girls has a fever we run the ceiling fan. You don’t want your child to get chilled, but having the fan run at a low setting helps circulate the air.
  • Remove those clothes! Dress your little in one light layer — we always do a tank top or lightweight t-shirt. However, they often shiver so we opp for a very light blanket or flat sheet until they are warm again.

When do I call the doctor? Call if they are younger than 3 months. If they are between the ages of 3-5 months, call the doctor once the temp reaches 101 or higher. Over 6 months, call if the fever reaches 102 degrees or more. However, if your child is constantly vomiting and crying hysterically with the fever, I would head straight to the ER.

What about fevers when you’re preggers? If it’s a low grade fever, don’t worry! But if it rises above 103, call your doctor, especially if you are early on in your pregnancy. I know many who have been hospitalized with a fever due to the fact that it was effecting the baby’s heartbeat and other lethal problems. My suggestion is to always go with your gut feeling and call your doctor. After all, it’s their job to be at your beck & call!

What home remedies do you have when it comes to overcoming that awful fever?

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