TN Breastfeeding Law: How Did I Not Know About This?

So, I’m sitting here watching the news as my daughter takes a nap, and I just found out that in the State of Tennessee, it’s illegal to breastfeed a baby over the age of 12 months in public!

Say what?!? You could actually be cited for public indecency if you are caught breastfeeding your 13 month old (or older) baby in the State of Tennessee! I totally could have been cited! I breastfed and pumped for Joleen in public until she was 13 months old (I did use a hooter hider)!

Apparently, Tennessee is the only state that puts an age limit on the baby being breastfeeding in public, and I find myself being a little peeved. Thankfully, this law is in the process of being overturned, but this got me thinking about what kind of breastfeeding laws there are in other states.

Click to Here to see some interesting State laws regarding breastfeeding.

Should there be an age limit on a baby being breastfed in public? Maybe I’m the one being selfish and not thinking about the people that are around me as I breastfeed in public? What are your thoughts on breastfeeding in public?

UPDATE: Here’s a recent clip of a news segment regarding TN State breastfeeding laws.


Article Posted 8 years Ago

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