To Eat Or Not Eat – My Placenta

I have compelling arguments from both sides of the placenta-eating camp. I really can’t decide. And both sides of the camp are “natural” minded folks whom I trust. Here’s a very rough breakdown of the debate…




The “pro” side tells me this:

  • It can significantly reduce or eliminate PPD
  • It can increase breast milk production
  • All other mammals eat their own placenta – there must be a reason for it.
  • It’s been done by non-Western cultures for ages and ages
  • It can’t harm you, so why not?


The “con” side tells me this:

  • It’s nothing but protein
  • The yuck factor is way too high
  • It’s expensive to encapsulate
  • It’s cannibalism
  • It’s just too weird.


After experiencing postpartum depression two other times, I’m leaning towards “yes” when asked if I’ll be consuming my placenta after this birth. Of course, there’s no way in the world you’d get me to actually “eat” it – raw, steamed or otherwise. I can barely get down medium cooked red meat on a good day, not even pregnant. I have way too many texture issues to get a bite past the lips through the teeth and over the tongue.

But now that there are encapsulating businesses – or that someone I know (who isn’t squeamish) could easily learn how to do this practice online – I’m wondering if it’s worthwhile. I can take a few pills of my placenta and move on with my day.  Right?

There are lots of various articles online that tell me all the hormones released into the placenta in the third trimester are exactly what I’ll be missing (and because of my history – likely not producing fast enough) that cause PPD. So the studies have shown that replacing those deficits with hormone-rich placenta will really benefit me.  The times I struggled with PPD were so dark and so awful, I’m way more open to flying this particular freak flag than I thought.

And yet, when I do a search on Google images for “eating a placenta” I’m thoroughly grossed out. Seriously, for the love of all that is holy – do not go do that search. DO NOT.

What do you think?  Are you planning on consuming your placenta?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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