Will More Babies Be Born On Tonight's Full Moon?

full moon baby storkA full moon has been said to cause a wide range of things from a rise in odd events, higher tides and good luck but does a full moon also mean there will be more babies born?  Maternity nurses and doctors often comment that there’s a surge in new births during a full moon.  Some even say that labor and delivery wards and ERs will staff more people on nights of a full moon just out of precaution.  But will tonight’s full moon really cause more babies to be born or is this just an old wives tale?  Read on to find out more.

There’s not any actual scientific evidence that births increase on a full moon, no more than there’s actual evidence that crimes or other injuries increase.  Over the years, many researchers have tried to determine whether more babies are born during full moons than at other times of the month.  “In the largest study, published in 2001, astronomer and physicist Daniel Caton examined 20 years of data from the National Center for Health Statistics about 70 million U.S. births.  He found no correlation between the full moon and deliveries.”

One theory is that since the human body consists of 80% water, that our bodies may have a similar effect to the oceans and lakes surging with the tides.  The moon pulls the tides further out and comes in at a higher level so the thought is that the amniotic fluid begins to push and pull mimicking the push and pull of the moon and the tides.  However, it seems the most likely explanation is that people don’t start to notice anything out of the ordinary until there’s something to notice – like a full moon!

Skepticism aside, it’s fun to think about myths and superstition.  I’m not making any bets that our baby will be born on today’s full moon, but it would seem fitting if he decided to make his appearance tonight, right?

To find out what phase the moon will be in on your due date, try out this fun Moon Phase Viewer!

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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