How Many C-Sections Is Too Many? Was Victoria Beckham Taking A Risk With Her 4th?

Much has been made of Victoria Beckham’s numerous Caesareans, which, she has always insisted, were not due to her being ‘too posh to push’ but because of an unspecified medical issue. She reportedly had C-sections for the births of her three boys, Brooklyn, 12, Romeo, 8, and 6-year-old Cruz, all on doctors’ orders.

Doctors generally say three C-sections are the safe limit, so was the celebrity mom taking a huge risk by reportedly undergoing a 4th c-section when she gave birth to her daughter, Harper Seven this month in California?

As the Daily Mail reports, Jayne Hughes had the very same experience as Beckham. She had three C-sections and thought she was done. Doctors had told her those Caesareans had left her womb with so much scar tissue there was a big risk it could rupture, either before or after delivery, resulting in Jayne bleeding to death. There was also the risk of the baby being starved of oxygen, leaving it severely disabled.

“I was strongly advised by doctors not to go ahead with the pregnancy,” Jayne tells the Daily Mail.

Still, according to consultant obstetrician and gynecologist Clive Spence-Jones, a fourth Caesarean — or even a fifth or sixth — is not the automatic health disaster many people assume it to be, although risks do exist.

Although it isn’t impossible for a woman to give birth naturally after a previous Caesarean, few do — usually on the advice of their obstetrician, due to the risk of old scar tissue rupturing during labor. “The main worry is that the placenta will implant on a section of the uterus wall in which there is scar tissue from the previous operation.” Mr Spence-Jones explains. “This will not separate as easily after delivery, leading to a greater risk of hemorrhaging.”

That said, Mr Spence-Jones says he has known women who have safely given birth in the UK to as many as seven or eight healthy babies, all by Caesarean section.

‘The important thing is to differentiate between planned and emergency Caesareans,” says Mr Spence-Jones. “There is no reason why a healthy woman, with the right medical supervision, cannot have four Caesareans perfectly safely.”

I agree. I’m no medical expert, but there should be no hard and fast limit on the number of c-sections that a woman can have. We’re all different, we all heal differently and this should be evaluated on an individual basis, especially because no more c-sections means no more children.

What do you think? Should there be a limit on c-sections or should women who’ve had at least three c-sections be able to do so and not be judged unsafe for doing taking a chance? Or is that not fair to the child she may be putting at risk.?

Article Posted 7 years Ago

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