Top 10 American Cities for Pregnancy & Birth: Did Yours Make the Cut?

Top 10 Cities to Be Pregnant & Give Birth

As women, we’re lucky to live in a country where — for the most part — it’s medically safe for us to be pregnant and have babies. It’s something we don’t often think about, possibly even take for granted. But it’s one of the freedoms I’m grateful for this 4th of July. Yes, things can, and do, go wrong. But with the availability of sterile hospitals, alternative birthing options, and laws that protect our rights when it comes to birth and breastfeeding, ours is a country that is one of the safest overall for expecting mothers.

Even within our country, some places stand out for going above and beyond for the safety of pregnant women and their birthing experiences and options. Thanks to a survey conducted by FitPregnancy, we now know where in America its best to be pregnant and give birth.

After the jump, check out the Top 10 American Cities for Pregnancy & Birth. Did yours make the cut? Mine didn’t, sadly. If I didn’t just move, maybe I’d consider relocating…

  • Portland, OR 1 of 10
    Portland, OR
    Portland has a vast amount of OB-GYNs and doulas are incredibly popular there, so pregnant women have plenty of options when it comes to their birthing plans. The city also has incredibly low rates of maternal mortality and low-birth weights for newborns. All good news for expecting moms!
    Photo: Howard Hecht
    SOURCE: FitPregnancy
  • Boston, MA 2 of 10
    Boston, MA
    Boston has long been known for its top of the line healthcare facilities. It boasts some of the highest numbers of fertility centers, low infant mortality rates, and laws that strongly support cord-blood donations.
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    SOURCE: FitPregnancy
  • Minneapolis, MN 3 of 10
    Minneapolis, MN
    Minneapolis is one of the most affordable cities for new parents, and it has a ton of children's hospitals and fertility centers. New Minneapolis moms also have great success with breastfeeding.
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    SOURCE: FitPregnancy
  • San Francisco, CA 4 of 10
    San Francisco, CA
    San Fran moms enjoy some of the most progressive breastfeeding and family-leave rights in the country, thanks to state laws. And the crazy hills of the city are sure to keep an expecting mom in shape during her pregnancy!
    Photo: Ground Zero
    SOURCE: FitPregnancy
  • Denver, CO 5 of 10
    Denver, CO
    Colorado has some of the lowest C-section rates in the country, likely due to its abundance of OB-GYNs and NICUs. And there are numerous parks in the area to escape the bustle of city life.
    Photo: DagPeak
    SOURCE: FitPregnancy
  • Seattle, WA 6 of 10
    Seattle, WA
    A whopping 91 percent of new moms in Seattle initiate breastfeeding, probably because the city has more lactation consultants than anywhere else. Seattle also has a large number of doulas available for expecting mothers.
    Photo: Bryce Edwards
    SOURCE: FitPregnancy
  • Omaha, NE 7 of 10
    Omaha, NE
    Maternal mortality is low in Omaha, and the city's hospital ranked among the 50 Baby Friendly Hospitals in the U.S.
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    SOURCE: FitPregnancy
  • Charlotte, NC 8 of 10
    Charlotte, NC
    Charlotte is another affordable city for pregnant women and their families. Additionally, the city has high scores for family-friendly employers, and state law mandates that each newborn in tested for eight treatable disorders as recommended by the March of Dimes
    Photo: Antony Mayfield
    SOURCE: FitPregnancy
  • Colorado Springs, CO 9 of 10
    Colorado Springs, CO
    This is the second city in Colorado to make FitPregnancy's list, which is good news for expecting moms living in Colorado! Colorado Springs has an abundance of outdoor-accessible activities, with countless trails and "stroller-friendly pathways" for pregnant women to enjoy before and after the baby arrives.
    Photo: Beverly & Pack
    SOURCE: FitPregnancy
  • Sacramento, CA 10 of 10
    Sacramento, CA
    Like San Fran, Sacramento moms benefit from the state's supportive breastfeeding laws. And Sacramento babies are 27 percent less likely to suffer from low-birth weight.
    Photo: Grey Wolf1
    SOURCE: FitPregnancy


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