Top 10 Baby Products You Don't Need

We know there are lists on top of lists on top of lists for pregnant women registering for gifts. You need a crib. You need onesies. You need a play mat. I remember standing in the aisles with my registering gun in hand, feeling utterly overwhelmed. How can I possibly need so much stuff?

Well, you don’t.

Everyone has different needs and different experiences, so one person’s useless baby product might be another’s must-have. But after talking to other moms, these are the most popular baby products that you should skip buying:

1. A changing table. Just get one of those detachable changing pads and nail it down to the top of the dresser. Who needs another piece of furniture? Especially one that will be utterly useless in a couple of years — if not sooner.

2. Baby bath robes. You know those cute little short robes that tie around their waist? You. Will. Never. Use. These.

3. Wipe Warmers. Now I know there are some hardcore wipe warming fans out there…I just don’t know why. If the wipe is a little too chilly, rub it in your hands for a couple of seconds. Even so, I’ve never heard any complaints.

4. Bottle Sterilizers. I wish someone would have told me to stop wasting my time sterilizing bottles every night. Unless you have a problem with your water supply, hot water and soap — even without a dishwasher — will work perfectly well. We’re not living in the 1800s. Invest in a $4 bottle brush and pocket the other $40 you’d spend on a sterilizer.

5. Bottle Warmers. Granted I never had to bottle-feed in the middle of the night, but just heat up a pot of water or run it under the faucet. At the very least, hold out on buying this until you tell yourself Man I really wish I had a bottle warmer! Otherwise it’s one more baby product taking up space.

6. Bedding Sets. Sure it’s nice to have a matchy-matchy set, but when bumpers are considered a SIDS risk and comforters are a no-no, you just spent a heck of a lot of money on something you’re only using half of. And while we’re at it…

7. Diaper Stackers. You know those things that are supposed to hang and hold diapers? They usually come with that expensive bedding set? Just throw up some shelving or get a cute basket and call it a day. Has anyone actually used these?

8. Pee Pee Teepee. Find out why I found these utterly useless — along with 9 more ridiculous baby items — over at Family Style.

9. A Fancy Shamncy High Chair. When there are perfectly lovely $20 IKEA high chairs or — better yet — clip-on high chairs, why spend so much on a bulky, awkward, often-ugly high chair? (Win the new Phil + Teds clip-on Lobster high chair — my favorite! — here.)

10. Shopping Cart Covers. Unless you live somewhere that keeps grocery carts out in the freezing cold for a majority of the year, save yourself the money and the hassle. After a month or so, you won’t even bother with the contraption.

Weigh in — what baby products did you find completely useless?

**UPDATE: With so many commenters saying that they can’t live without their shopping cart cover, what else are we missing on this list? What else did you find “useless”? Spill it!

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Article Posted 6 years Ago

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