Top 10 Best and Worst Baby Shower Cakes

baby bottom baby shower cakeTalking about a possible baby shower got me all excited about the baby shower cake (should I have one). A few links into my search and I was not only smitten with the cake artistry out there (I mean WOW people), but I was also a bit creeped out by the baby shower cakes gone oh-so-wrong.

Here’s a roundup of the 10 best and worst baby shower cakes out there right now…


  • Best: #5 1 of 10
    Best: #5
    I can't get over how heart-happy this Beatrix Potter cake makes me.
  • Best: #4 2 of 10
    Best: #4
    A teacup shower cupcake stand makes the best thing in the world - cupakes - the center at this shower.
  • Best: #3 3 of 10
    Best: #3
    The craft and creativity are amazing here - adore the simplicity and the beauty.
  • Best #2 4 of 10
    Best #2
    A Shel Silverstein cake. What could be more inspiring?
  • Best #1 5 of 10
    Best #1
    My ultimate fav - an LOLZ cake. Baby will be a hipster before birth!
  • Worst #5 6 of 10
    Worst #5
    Can we have a shower and not announce our age on the cake? Hmmm?
  • Worst #4 7 of 10
    Worst #4
    I just CAN NOT get behind this trend - I don't want body parts as cakes. I definitely don't want a belly button as my slice.
  • Worst #3 8 of 10
    Worst #3
    Why would I want to cut into this cake...?
  • Worst #2 9 of 10
    Worst #2
    Again with the body parts. This style is also a huge trend right now. It's just creepy!
  • Worst #1 10 of 10
    Worst #1
    This cake still holds title of worst baby shower cake ever - it is the epitome of TMI. We know how it works, did we really have to see Olivia's lady business on her...cake?

We’re just here to check out the swag, anyway — check out Babble’s picks  for baby shower presents!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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