Top 10 Must-Have Registry Items

When it came to registering for my first child, my mother and I made a day of it. We had lunch, and then went to Babies R Us, and of course registered for all the things that the “quick start” registry told us that I totally needed for a new baby.  Isn’t that what most new parents do?

While some of the suggestions and must have items on the list turned out to be helpful in the long run, some of them never got used, or ended up being returned before my son was even born. I just never imagined how much stuff people think you need to survive parenthood… so I thought I would write up my 10 must have’s for pregnant women to help them before they make the brave trip to their local baby store and make the same registry mistakes I did!

1. Baby Swing – This is a life saver, and before anything else I always include the swing on my list. My number one suggestion for a baby swing is one that plug’s in! If not you might as well buy stock in batteries because you will be supporting Energizer until your little one out grows that swing!

2. Infant Bouncer – The little infant bouncers make life so easy, they help when you need to run into the shower, or just need a safe place for your little one to sit while you do something.

3. Diaper Bag – This is a just for Mom kind of thing. There are so many different kind of diaper bags today, but getting something that doesn’t scream diaper bag was important. Heck, just using it as a purse for myself was important too. Be stylish!

4. Baby Carrier – The kind you can wear. My personal favorite is the Ergo Baby Carrier. I have two of them, and always tell all my pregnant friends they are a must have when it comes to surviving parenthood.

5. Boppy Pillow – Breastfeeding made easy, or just hanging out with your baby around the house, this one is a life saver. There are two different kinds of Boppy’s I registered for, and used. One was the famous breastfeeding pillow, and the other was the newborn lounger, which my oldest son would only sleep in for the first few weeks of his life.

6. Boob Cream – Laugh if you may, but during pregnancy I used it, and when breastfeeding… We all complain about the sore breast’s and irritated nipples… there are so many kinds of cream to choose from, but having at least one on hand will be a life saver!  Stock up when you go to register, and put some on your registry too!

7. Stroller – Most people these days are starting to skip over the stroller, or buy the super high end strollers. It has always been a must have to me, but my biggest advice is trying them all out in the store. I know when you are pregnant you don’t want to be wrestling with the strollers in the store, but you will be grateful. When I was registering with my oldest, I was looking at a specific stroller I liked because of the pattern, when a nice woman came up to me and shared her story about the stroller and giving it away because of how heavy it was. She pointed me in the direction of the Metro Lite Travel System, which I used for two kids. I promise, light weight is key!

8. Born Free Bottles – If you are planning on actually using bottles… We tried all kinds from Avent to Dr. Brown through two kids, and the only bottle I never had an issue cleaning, putting through the dish washer, or leaking were the Born Free BPA Free bottles. I swear by them today, and will be using them all over again for our third child, I can already see days full of pumping for all the things I have on my calendar just in the first month she is born.

9. Bumbo – Despite all the recalls, and idiots putting babies on kitchen counters and leaving them there alone… we loved our Bumbo seat. Never had any accidents with it, and whenever I see a preggo eying it in the baby section of any store, I tell her to go for it. It doubled as a high chair for us for the longest time, and it was worth every cent.

10. Glider – This again is one of those awesome duel presents for Mom and baby, and I started getting awesome use out of it when I was pregnant, in fact I actually slept in it more than a few times in the end of my pregnancy because I couldn’t get comfortable anyplace else. They can be expensive, but you can also find great quality gliders pretty cheap. I picked mine up from and only spent slightly over $100 on it with free shipping site-to-store.

I know that registering can really be trying on not only the preggo body, but mind… and even your emotions. Looking through all those cute little baby items that you won’t be able to use for even months can be annoying, and make you anxious…

What were your favorite/must have registry items?


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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