Top 10 Preggos of 2010

I have met some pretty awesome pregnant women over the past year — whether it was at BlogHer 2010, or online — and since their pregnancies clearly rubbed off on me, I thought I would honor my favorites.

I have mixed my list full of internet celebrities in the blogging community, and even some well known public figures who touched me for one reason or another. I certainly hope you enjoy reading about them as much as I have enjoyed writing about these ladies today.

1. Jill – – I love Jill! I met her online via twitter and enjoyed watching her early pregnancy with her second child this year. I had the chance to meet her at BlogHer 2010 and rub the belly, know that she is truly hysterical in real life, and celebrate another new pregnancy (I will talk about later in this post) with her. Jill’s website Baby Rabies roped me in with her wit and sarcastic parenting posts, of which I enjoy because nine times out of ten I feel identically. Oh, and her crafts are to die for!   Check her out before she pops! Which is any day now!

2. Jesy – The Herron Nest – I met Jesy when working on a social media campaign with the PR firm she works with. We quickly bonded over pregnancy, and in a few short weeks I found myself pregnant, too. All these women roped me in I swear! She was pregnant with her first child, and over the moon with her husband. I have laughed with her blog, and cried with her blog after her anatomy scan left her and her husband with the hardest choice they ever had to make. She is one of the most admirable and strongest women I have had the privilege to know. I just want to jump through my computer screen and give her a big hug. I promise if you read her site, you will also.

3. Jenn – Baby Making Machine – I started following Jenn on twitter throughout her pregnancy and like Jill, I was able to meet her at BlogHer 2010, along with the baby she had given birth to a month before. Talk about CUTE!  Her blog posts are about everything from her Lamaze classes, to breastfeeding and even going back to work after her maternity leave. They are an excellent tale of a modern first time mother. Not to mention she has some great giveaways, too! I think her cute little girl is where I got my little girl baby vibes from because I was pregnant less than four weeks later!

4. Gisele Bundchen – When I found out that the star quarterback of the New England Patriots — our favorite football team in our house — welcomed his son in his home bathtub, it was a joyous occasion, but what made it even better is his supermodel wife and her mentality, and then later statements on childbirth and what made her decide to give birth at home. Gisele is an awesome example of an educated mother making the right choices for her birth, despite the mainstream way of doing things today.

5. Katie Granju – Mamapundit – I never knew Katie until the death of her son Henry, which made a huge impact all over the online blogging community. Her courage, strength and message to other parents became front and center in almost all posts I was reading, but what I didn’t know until weeks after Henry’s death is that Katie was pregnant and ready to give birth at any minute when she lost her son. She certainly became one of the strongest mothers I have ever witnessed. Laying her oldest to rest, and welcoming her youngest child into the world. Please read about Henry, and his story, and also check Katie out on Babble’s Baby’s First Year blog!

6. Gina – The Feminist Breeder – I have been internet friends with Gina for about a year now, and we clicked quickly when we met in real life at BlogHer 2010. I was hoping to be able to enjoy a couple drinks with her, but when the opportunity arose… we were at a Babble hosted party in SoHo someplace… and she ran off to pee on a stick in the bathroom. After what seemed like an hour, she came back out with a giant smile on her face and news of a positive pregnancy test after months of trying! We all celebrated by doing Shirley Temple shots… Classic!  Gina tells it like it is and doesn’t say she is sorry if you disagree with her, and that is what I love about her. I also love that we are due so close together, and both having our first little girl after two boys.

7. John Cave Osborne – Wait a second… how can a man be pregnant? Well technically, John isn’t pregnant but his story, along with his wife’s is something I could not leave out, especially after reading the tale of learning about their newest and very unexpected baby. A trip to the drug store, and Dunkin Donuts sealed the deal. I have never seen someone, especially a man, take a unexpected pregnancy so gracefully, especially after triplets and upping the number of children to nearly the double digits. You can follow his journey into fatherhood — again — on his website.

8. Celine Dion – After the world watched for years wondering when the streak of heartbreaking infertility (and failed IVF) would finally come to an end, Celine gave birth to twin boys. It was almost like the entire world finally let out a big sigh of relief when she announced the birth of two healthy boys, Nelson and Eddy. A heartwarming story for anyone who has ever struggled with infertility.

9. My friend Alicia – I know there is really no claim to fame for her, but her story has to be the most heartwarming I have ever heard. I met her first in 2007 in a message board on AOL — when AOL was where it was at — and she was planning to adopt a little boy due that month. She and her husband had battled infertility for years, and decided adoption would be best. After a birth, a trip across the country, and a birth mother who decided against the adoption, our hearts broke for her. A couple months later, they were lucky enough to adopt a little boy born slightly early. Within a couple months, Alicia was pregnant. And it was a miracle. But the miracle didn’t come when her second son was born, but when she announced the news of another pregnancy this fall, due one month after me this coming June.  Talk about a success story… I cry just thinking about it!

10. All the pregnant women in the world!  Come on!  We are making the future of this great nation, and the world!  We are birthing, and raising the next leaders, Presidents, and maybe even the child that will find the cure for cancer!  Give yourself a big pat on the back!

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