Top 10 Pregnancy Comforts I Can't Live Without

I could sleep without two of these....

As much as pregnancy is awesome…it is not always comfortable.  Right?  Tell me I’m not the only one. 🙂

But there are different things that can make pregnancy a bit more comfortable even during the rough times.  By now I have my list down pat: I know exactly what helps me feel better in different situations.  So here are the top 10 pregnancy comforts I can’t live without!

1. A warm bath — I love baths.  They’re relaxing, they help my back feel better, and when I’m pretty far along (like now), I can watch my belly jump and feel the baby move.  It’s not only relaxing, it helps me bond with my baby!  (It’s been a favorite in all my pregnancies.)

2. Body Pillows — I could.not.sleep if I didn’t have these.  I tuck two around me, one on either side.  Typically I sleep on one side or the other, so one supports my back, and one goes between my knees and under my belly.  It is the only way I am comfortable in bed.

3. Ice Cream — Maybe this is just because I’m craving milk this pregnancy.  But it’s been my habit lately to make a batch of ice cream almost every night and eat a big bowl of it (my husband has the rest).  Don’t worry: the homemade version has just 1/4 c. maple syrup to 4 c. milk, so I’m not overdoing the sugar!

4. Pregnancy Massage — Okay, I’m sore.  I’ve dealt with a sore low and mid-back this time, and for awhile, even knee pain from my hips being so wobbly.  Getting massages helps to soothe all these minor aches and pains!

5. Arnica — Not surprisingly, I don’t take OTC pain medications, ever.  Arnica’s a homeopathic remedy that helps muscle aches and pains and is safer for baby (according to my chiropractor, anyway).  I’ve taken it a few times when the aches were just too much for me.  And although I haven’t used it (yet), I have a salve that I can rub in directly to painful areas.

6. Fermented Cod Liver Oil — Being sick is no fun, and especially not while pregnant.  When I take my FCLO (which tastes like cinnamon and is not gross, btw) daily, I really don’t get sick.  I’ve been able to head off many colds before they could really ‘take root’ in my system because of this.  Ah…so much better.

7. Epsom Salts — Restless legs are a problem for many women.  I add epsom salts to my baths for magnesium, to combat this problem.  Some women like to drink “Natural Calm,” a magnesium-rich tea, which also helps.

8. Herbal Tea — I love fun, fruity drinks, but I don’t do artificial colors and flavors.  Instead, I buy fruity herbal tea blends (primarily dried fruits, more than herbs) and sweeten them with honey.  They are a wonderful way to stay hydrated and enjoy what I’m drinking.  My kids love them too and are always trying to steal my tea!

9. Chairs — Maybe that’s dumb, but I hate to stand up too long.  Especially if I have to stand still.  It hurts.  So I am very grateful for chairs so that I can sit when I need to.  Friends and family have always been very gracious if we are out and about, understanding that sometimes I just need to sit.

10. Belly Butter — I have my own formula that has coconut oil, shea butter, and other stuff in it.  When my belly gets really big and itchy, it helps to calm my skin.  And hopefully I don’t grow too quickly and it keeps (additional) stretch marks at bay!

What are your top pregnancy comforts?

Image by Cameron Nordholm

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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