Top 10 Things Husbands SHOULD Say to Their Pregnant Wives

Say it...and see how it goes!

After last month’s post, “10 Things Husbands Should Never Say to Their Pregnant Wives,” I thought, many husbands really aren’t like that…most of the time.  Right?

So I decided to come up with a list (tongue-in-cheek) things that husbands definitely should say to their pregnant wives.  Read on to find out what….

This list is with my husband’s help, so some of these might be rather amusing.  At least I hope so!

1) “Your breasts are huge!” — to many women, especially those who may have been on the smaller side, this is a compliment.  And the increase in size almost makes up for their soreness.

2) “You’re amazingly beautiful!” — seriously, even if you think her pregnancy body looks like a funhouse mirror (yes, sometimes she thinks so too), tell her she’s beautiful.  It’ll be worth it.

3) “You’re such a strong, amazing woman!” — when she’s driving you crazy with hormonal issues…say this instead.  It’ll win you major points and it is true!

4) “I love helping you!” — you know, when you’re cooking dinner (after working all day) for the 25th time because the kitchen makes her want to throw up.

5) “Don’t worry, pregnancy will go fast!” — you may not have any idea, but be her cheerleader!

6) “I took care of cleaning the house…and here’s breakfast in bed!” — Okay, that’s just nice.  But seriously?  Very awesome.

7) “No, it doesn’t gross me out when you throw up in front of me.”  — even if it sends you running for the nearest toilet in the other bathroom.  She hates feeling sick and throwing up, don’t make her feel gross too!

8) “Of course I’ll massage your perineum.” — you may not know what that is or why she wants you to do it…but you’d better get ready. 🙂

9) “Whatever makes you comfortable, go ahead and do it!” — use this when she piles 8 pillows into the bed, wants the room to be 50 degrees, etc.  Smile and deal with it (and grab a sweatshirt if she’s in the “I need the room at 50 degrees” category).

10) “I can’t wait to meet the baby and yes, I’d love to read her stories and sing her songs right now.” — that means, to her belly before the baby comes.  Even if you don’t feel connected to the baby yet (some dads do) or think that talking to a belly is stupid, say it to make her happy. 🙂  (My husband can only say the first part of that with a straight face, since he does think the second part is dumb!)

What are other things that husbands should say to their wives?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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