The Top 10 Unisex Names of 2013 (Plus Five I Think Should Be on the List)

I never get tired of baby names. I love looking at lists, I love hearing people’s ideas, I love discovering a name I hadn’t heard before — though that happens less and less these days — and I love everything from the classics to the “What did you name your baby?”

Somewhere along the spectrum of name taste are unisex names. I go back and forth on these. There are just so many distinctive boy names and girl names. Sometimes I think, “Why muddle it up?”  But then other times I’m like, “Muddle away!” Who’s to say what’s for girls or boys?

The latest unisex baby-name list to catch my eye popped up on Reuters today. It covers the top 10 unisex names of 2013, based on names listed in WhitePages.com, so it’s more about how popular the name is among adults, rather than babies being born. I have to say: I like it more than I thought I would — though, like all lists these days, there are some I think should be on the list that aren’t.

Top 10 Unisex Names of 2013:

#10 Taylor: I’m not the biggest fan of T-names, so this doesn’t excite me much

#9 Jayden: I actually know quite a few people from high school to named their kid this. I like the nickname Jay for either sex.

#8 Skyler: I finally got around to watching “Breaking Bad,” so I immediately think of the character from that show. But aside from that, I think this is a pretty cool name.

#7 Hayden: This sounds “all girl” to me. I much prefer Holden for a boy.

#6 Angel: I have a hard time with this name all around. I much prefer Angelica or any other Angel variation for a girl. And I have such a hard time with this for a boy.

#5 Alexis: Why not just name a boy Alex? I prefer this name for a girl.

#4 Peyton: I don’t know why anyone would do this to their daughter. For a boy? Sure.

#3 Avery: As far as unisex names go, this is about as good as they get in my book. Avery works.

#2 Riley: Another solid uni-name. Totally works for a boy or a girl, in my book.

#1 Jordan: No surprise this is the #1 unisex name — it’s a great unisex name. Not too girlish, not too boyish.

My 5 Favorite Unisex Names

#5 Keegan: I took a college course with female PA whose name was Keegan. I think it works for both sexes.

#4 Emerson: Because of its connection to the popular “Em” sound for girl names (Emma, Emily), I think this traditionally boy name works as a unisex name.

#3 James: I had the biggest crush on the model, James King, when I was younger — and even though “James” was a nickname for her actual name of Jaime, I’ve loved this for a girl ever since.

#2 Drew: Come on, why isn’t this perfect unisex name on the list? It’s right in step with the one-syllable, short-name trend. I love it.

#1 Huxley: My ultimate favorite (as you may have read). If I was in charge of picking out a name all by myself, this would likely be it.

::So there you have it! What are some of your favorite unisex names? And what do you have to say about my picks?::

Source: Reuters
Photo: 123RF

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