Top 10 Worst Maternity Outfits

Maternity fashion has come a long way in recent years. No longer are moms-to-be relegated to the dowdy section of department stores — today’s designers look at trends on the runway and apply them to the pregnant body so that women can bump up their style, quite literally.

That said, some designers take their creativity a bit too far. Take a look at these 10 items and tell me: What were they thinking?!




  • Cocktail Attire? 1 of 10
    Cocktail Attire?
    There is barely anything to leave to the imagination with the black ensemble that Katie Price is wearing.
    Photo credit: I Love Katie Price
  • Evening Gown? 2 of 10
    Evening Gown?
    Showing off your baby belly can be cute, but there is just something wrong with this dress. It looks like she took a big sheet and cut out a circle in the middle for her expanding bump.
  • Casual Wear? 3 of 10
    Casual Wear?
    Industrial designer Marisol took her love of origami to create this line of maternity clothing that grows with your belly. Although the idea you can wear this dress throughout your pregnancy is convenient, there is nothing flattering about this dress. It even starts to resemble Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba as it expands.
    Photo Credit: Lil Sugar
  • DIY Gone Wrong 4 of 10
    DIY Gone Wrong
    The selling point of this handmade disaster was: "pregnant people can still look cool." The seller must've been referring to the temperature because with the big hole in the middle it is sure to send a nice draft your way.
    Photo credit: Regretsy
  • Vintage Vantage 5 of 10
    Vintage Vantage
    These handmade "Strawberry Shortcake" pants are sure to get you noticed for all the wrong reasons. These duds just beg strangers to touch your belly.
    Photo Credit: etsy
  • Style Gone M.I.A. 6 of 10
    Style Gone M.I.A.
    M.I.A. topped the worst dressed charts with this dress worn at the 2009 Grammy awards right before her due date.
    Photo credit: The Life Files
  • House Dress Disaster 7 of 10
    House Dress Disaster
    Comfort can't be overly emphasized in maternity clothes ... or can it?
    Photo credit: Etsy
  • Ugly Sweater Party! 8 of 10
    Ugly Sweater Party!
    Is it giftwrap? Is it a dress? One thing's for certain: it's definitely on the naughty list.
    Photo credit: Etsy
  • Boyfriend … Overalls 9 of 10
    Boyfriend ... Overalls
    I know the boyfriend look (read: big and baggy) is in, but overalls are so ... 1990.
    Photo Credit: Second Peek Maternity
  • Walking on Sunshine 10 of 10
    Walking on Sunshine
    Is that green line the outline of my uterus? I don't know why anyone would consider this flattering to the pregnant shape.
    Photo credit: Etsy


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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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