Top 15 Boy Baby Names So Far in 2013

I have a feeling about which gender I am carrying, but until we find out during the ultrasound in a few weeks, I am prepared and thrilled with either a boy or a girl so I’ve been looking at both gender and unisex baby names.

Yesterday I shared the great list put together by my favorite baby name site Nameberry containing the top baby girl names so far in 2013 and today I’ve got the top boys list. Just like the girls, there are some big surprises, especially in the top 15. I am happy to see a rise in the less-common names and I also love seeing some entirely new names. I have a feeling many in the top 15 will surprise you too and who knows? Maybe you’ll find the perfect choice for your growing baby.

Click through to read the top 15 boy baby names so far in 2013:

  • Top 15 Boy Baby Names So Far in 2013 1 of 15

    There are a lot of new names that have been rising on the popularity and it's nearly a whole new list. 

  • Liam 2 of 15

    Liam has been on many popular baby name lists for a while, but really I am surprised to see only come in at #15, especially when you see some of the names higher on the list.

  • Ezra 3 of 15

    I love this name and it's one of the entries that surprised me. I am not sure where its popularity is coming from, but I have a feeling we will be hearing more of it.

  • Jude 4 of 15

    Hey, Jude! We've seen this name on many lists before and so this one is not a surprise to me. What about you?

  • Jasper 5 of 15

    I love the sound of this name and the meaning is equally great. According to BabyCenter, Jasper means "treasurer" and it also has an earth-inspired ring to it since it's a semi-precious stone.

  • Emmett 6 of 15

    Who doesn't love this name? I can see why it's so popular in 2013, sitting at spot #11. I predict, and this is just me, that it will continue to rise as the year goes on.

  • Milo 7 of 15

    I am a big fan of the name Milo. I think it's sweet, yet strong, and really suites a happy baby boy. I enjoyed seeing it on this list, especially since I know a few Milos myself.

  • Owen 8 of 15

    Timeless, classic, and perfect. That's how I would describe Owen. It's a name that's short and sweet. I have seen grow in popularity and it's no surprise it's hanging at #9.

  • Atticus 9 of 15

    How fun is it to find Atticus so far up on this list? Harper was on the girls' list, so do you think that this one is inspired by To Kill A Mockingbird as well? 

  • Henry 10 of 15

    Talk about a way-back-play-back! Henry is an old-fashion sounding name and I love a classic. I am surprised it's so popular this year though, with all the other unique choices!

  • Oliver 11 of 15

    Oliver is funny to see here because the female counterpart, Olivia, is also on the top girls name so far for 2013. Perhaps all you parents are switching it up depending on the baby's gender! Are you saving it for a surprise during your delivery?

  • James 12 of 15

    Another classic, simple name that is making its way back into baby name popularity. It has me wondering, do you think this is the counter to all the interesting baby names that celebrities are giving to their kids?

  • Django 13 of 15

    Well, this is a surprise to me! The popular movie made this obscure name the 4th most popular boy name so for in 2013.

  • Declan 14 of 15

    Rounding out the top 3 so for for 2013 is Declan. It's a name that I have heard a bit in the past, but apparently it wants to be even more popular.

  • Asher 15 of 15

    Just like the girl list, the number 1 most popular name so far for the boys surprised me. It's not a favorite name of mine and it's not one of those classic names we hear all the time, but it's a nice, unisex name.

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