Top 15 Girl Baby Names So Far in 2013

I am big into baby names right now and my go-to place to check the newest names is They always have a great mix of common names, special meaning names, and names that are totally unique. They also seem to be right on top of the most popular names and new upcoming favorites.

Since I don’t care to use baby names that have become popular or are on the rise, I always check out their newest popular baby name articles and their newest one is full of favorites for 2013 so far. When I first checked out their list of top 100 baby girl names for 2013, I was surprised. There’s a lot of unique choices!

Click through to read the tip 15 girl baby names so far in 2013—with a new number one name!

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    There are many newcomers on the list and some will surely surprise you.
  • Olivia 2 of 16

    Olivia has been around for a long time and is a pretty classic girls' name. I am not surprised to see it on the list, but a little surprised it's so high at #15.

  • Cora 3 of 16

    Cora is such a gorgeous name, short and sweet with a big punch of meaning. At spot #14, Cora has the potential to become quite popular.

  • Maeve 4 of 16

    How pretty is this name? Taking the #13 spot, Maeve is a beautiful up-and-comer!

  • Ava 5 of 16

    Short, simple and sweet, Ava has been around for a while and has almost broken into the coveted top 10 list.

  • Evelyn 6 of 16

    An old fashioned-sounding name, Evelyn is fit for a tomboy, princess, or any one in between. How cute would "Evie" be as a nickname too?

  • Katniss 7 of 16

    Sitting at spot #10, there's no doubt Katniss' popularity is thanks to the success of The Hunger Games and its lead female character who totally takes charge.

  • Penelope 8 of 16

    Spot #9, I suspect, has made the list thanks to a certain Kardashian naming her second child Penelope. I have a feeling we will be seeing the newest Kardashian's name on the list soon too. Would you name your baby North?

  • Isla 9 of 16

    Another gorgeous, short name, Isla takes spot #8 in Namberry's top baby girls list for 2013 thus far. I love the way this name rolls off your tongue and I have a feeling that its popularity is still on the rise.

  • Serephina 10 of 16

    When Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner named their second child Serephina, it totally caught my eye. It's a gorgeous name that's not heard too often, but now it's in the top #7 spot, so it's clearly caught the eye of others as well.

  • Amelia 11 of 16

    When I hear the name Amelia, my mind automatically goes to Amelia Earheart—the famous female pilot. Not a bad role model for your baby girl.

  • Violet 12 of 16

    Another name that falls within the Affleck-Garner clan, Violet is a classic beauty and clearly these celeb parents know how to pick the popular names before they're trending. Sitting at spot #5 on Nameberry's list, it's going to be fun to see where this one goes.

  • Eleanor 13 of 16

    Such a classic,older name and I love that it is making a comeback. It's elegant and simple so I can see why it's at spot #4 so far for 2013.

  • Harper 14 of 16

    I have been hearing this name more and more over the past few years and I had a feeling we'd be seeing it in the popularity lists soon and here we are. Taking the top 3 spot, Harper is a name we'll be hearing for a while. (Do you think it has anything to do with Victoria Beckham?)

  • Charlotte 15 of 16

    You really can't go wrong with the name Charlotte. It's a name that's been around for a long time (it was even my great-grandma's name) and it's no surprise it's sitting in the second spot for top baby girl names for 2013.

  • Imogen 16 of 16

    Did this take you by surprise too? I don't remember seeing Imogen on any recent list, but you know what, it's nice to see here. It's another name that I don't hear too often, but since it's taking the #1 spot on Namberry's 2013 baby girls names (so far), I have a feeling we will be hearing it more and more often in our kids' classrooms. 

To read the full list of top 100 girl names of 2013 so far, check out Namberry’s Our 100 most popular for 2013

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