Top 20 Baby Names of 2013 — Official List

Top 20 Baby Names of 2013If you’re a Name Nerd like me, this is the most exciting time of the year! The Social Security Administration recently released the official list of the top 20 baby names of 2013.


It’s always fun to see which names got edged out from the previous year and which are new to the list. It’s also a lot of fun to look further down the list to see which names are slowly but surely climbing to those higher spots.

Sure, I’m not the biggest fan of super-popular names, and I’d likely never use a name in the Top 20 — probably not even in the Top 50. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like these high-ranking names. In fact, it’s totally understandable how and why these names are at the top of the charts; they’re great names.

Growing up with the name Aela amidst classrooms full of Stephanies, and Jessicas, and Jennifers, and Lauras made me long for a common name. But as I got older, I became thankful that I wasn’t a “one of.” And when I finally get to name a child who will remain on this earth, I’ll use a less-popular name. Even the name we used for our twin boy, Theodore, is more popular now than it was even a year and a half ago, ranking in 2013 dangerously close to the Top 100 at 170. While our twin girl’s name, Daphne, ranked just under 400 at 397 in 2013, it still jumped around 300 places closer to the top since the year 2000.

And maybe jumps like that are just inevitable because of the many parents like myself who want to avoid a Top 20 name. With more parents looking to avoid those top spots, it makes sense that we’ll see bigger jumps in seemingly not-so-popular names — like a subculture of naming: those names just on the outskirts without being completely obscure.

Not like these names at all. So here you have it folks, the official list of the Top 20 Baby Names of 2013.


  • 10: Elizabeth
  • 9: Madison
  • 8: Abigail
  • 7: Emily
  • 6: Mia
  • 5: Ava
  • 4: Isabella
  • 3: Olivia
  • 2: Emma
  • 1: Sophia


  • 10: Daniel
  • 9: Jayden
  • 8: Alexander
  • 7: Michael
  • 6: Ethan
  • 5: William
  • 4: Mason
  • 3: Jacob
  • 2: Liam
  • 1: Noah

I know at least one person with each of those names. What about you?

Be sure to check out the Social Security Administration’s website for all the names of 2013, and use their fun search tools to see how your favorite names rank!

Source: Social Security Administration
Photo Copyright: 123RF

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