Top 20 Girls’ Names of 2012


I love names. Searching for them. Discovering ones I’d never heard before. Sharing ideas with friends and family. Names are just fun. And the task of naming another human being is serious business.

You can imagine my delight when I came across Nameberry’s Top 100 Girls’ Names of 2012. Nameberry compiled the list from its most-searched and most clicked-on names thus far into the year, indicating that these names have gathered the most attention and interest from Nameberry’s viewers. Some aren’t too surprising. But others like the #1 most-searched name most certainly shocked me. Here, I share Nameberry’s Top 20.

Check out the Top 20 Girls’ Names of 2012 (thus far). And tell me what you think of them!

20. Lila

Lila is of Arabic origin and means “night.” It ranked #136 overall in 2011.

19. Sophia

Greek in origin, Sophia means “wisdom,” and was the #1 girls’ name in 2011.

18. Claire

Claire is a French name meaning “clear, pure.” In 2011, it ranked #50.

17. Aurora

Aurora is the Latin name for the goddess of sunrise and means “dawn.” It placed at #183 last year.

16. Evelyn

Evelyn is the English version of the French name Aveline. It’s meaning is lovely: “wished-for child.” It ranked #24 in 2011.

15. Eliza

Eliza is a diminutive of the Hebrew name, Elizabeth. It means “pledged to God.” It ranked #255 in 2011.

14. Cora

Meaning “maiden,” this Greek-in-origin name placed at #204 last year.

13. Quinn

Quinn is an Irish name meaning “descendant of Conn.” It’s also one of the first Irish unisex names. Last year, it ranked #188 overall.

12. Alice

This has always been a favorite of mine, and it’s clear to make a comeback. The German name means “noble,” and was #142 in 2011.

11. Adelaide

Adelaide is a variant of the German name, Adelheid, meaning “noble, nobility.” While a lot of people are inquiring about it this year, it only ranked #407 overall in 2011.

10. Eleanor

This name’s actually on our potential-girl name list. It’s a Greek name meaning “bright, shining one.” Always a classic, it ranked #150 last year.

9. Isla

I can’t say this name without busting out to Madonna’s La Isla Bonita. It’s a Scottish place-name. It’s a river there and also means island. It’s climbing the charts quickly, and placed at #268 last year.

8. Violet

Violet is a Latin flower and color name, meaning (obviously) “purple.” In 2011, it ranked #101 overall, and it’s sure to gain in popularity.

7. Amelia

A German variant of Amalia, this name means “work.” Last year, it ranked #30.

6. Penelope

I love Penelope, but can’t sell it to the spouse. It’s a Greek name meaning “weaver,” and hit #169 in 2011.

5. Imogen

With a wonderful meaning of “beloved child,” it’s hard not to be attracted to this unique name. While it’s a classic Greek name, its pop-culture association is likely the cause for its current attention. There is no ranking for this name in 2011.

4. Seraphina

Another name that didn’t even rank in the Top 1000 last year, Seraphina is a Hebrew name meaning “ardent, fiery.”

3. Harper

This was on my list years ago, but has since fallen off because of its popularity. It’s an English name meaning “harp player,” but I always enjoyed the name because of the author, Harper Lee. It was #54 in 2011.

2. Charlotte

This is the French feminine diminutive of Charles, meaning “free man.” It’s a lovely name and increasingly popular. In 2011, it ranked #27.

1. Katniss

Wow, right? Talk about the influence of pop culture! The name has literary and botanical roots, and didn’t place on the Top 1000 list of 2011, yet it was the most-searched and clicked-on name thus far this year on Nameberry.


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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