Top 25 Pregnancy Blogs of 2013

Let’s face it: When it comes to pregnancy advice, there’s a ton of information out there!

Although I’d encourage every woman to document her nine-month journey from conception to giving birth, I absolutely don’t think all pregnancy blogs are created equal — or worth the read. They’re a dime a dozen, and telling what’s legitimate or to be trusted can truly be a tough call.

That’s where I come in! For the second year in a row, I’ve compiled a list of the BEST pregnancy blogs out there — creating your go-to guide for maternity reading.

Check out the Top 25 Pregnancy Blogs of 2013! And feel free to sound off in the comments on your favorite blogs if we haven’t featured one of them here. Happy reading!

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  • The Best of the Best 1 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    The Top 25 Pregnancy Blogs of 2013: The best for tips on labor and delivery, green living, and more!

  • Best Labor + Delivery Tips 2 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    To me, labor and delivery are the scariest part of pregnancy, or at least the most intimidating part! But there are some AWESOME blogs out there to encourage and support women through their various birthing choices.  

  • Giving Birth with Confidence 3 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    Giving Birth with Confidence is a wonderful and supportive blog for pregnant women. The bloggers are bona fide experts in the field of birthing — including  childbirth educators specializing in Lamaze, nurses, midwives, doulas, maternal mental health advocates, and regular-ol' moms. The blog is authentic, and its bloggers are knowledgeable and sincere. 

    Visit Giving Birth with Confidence

  • Stand and Deliver 4 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    Stand and Deliver is another awesome birthing blog! The author focuses on unassisted birth, but don't let that scare you away if that's not your thing! She also shares info and stories about breastfeeding, birth plans, and even human rights in childbirth. Informative and encouraging.

    Visit Stand and Deliver

  • Mama Birth 5 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    The author behind Mama Birth is a mother of four who decided to start teaching Birth Boot Camp after her final pregnancy turned out to be an unexpected and unassisted birth! She shares her personal story, as well as the stories of other women's birth experiences. The blog is fresh and fun. 

    Visit Mama Birth

  • Baby Dickey 6 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    Baby Dickey is written by the mom of two tots. She shares her own pregnancy stories the unplanned and unnecessary (as she calls it) c-section of her son and the VBAC (and home birth) of her daughter. She's a self-described birth advocate, and her blog is loaded with all sorts of goodness!

    Visit Baby Dickey

  • Most Humorous 7 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    Pregnancy with all its rules and regulations, its dos and don'ts can leave many moms feeling overwhelmed. Sometimes, ya just gotta laugh. These blogs will help you do just that!

  • The Stir: Pregnancy 8 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    Cafe Mom's The Stir: Pregnancy is just a super-enjoyable blog to read, and it often gets me LOLing. The blog covers any and all topics related to pregnancy (celebrities, news, etc.) in a funny and cute way, and its catchy headlines pull me in every.time. It's one of the few blogs I read every day. 

    Visit The Stir: Pregnancy

  • Pregnant Chicken 9 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    Last year when I compiled this "best of" list, I got berated for not including Pregnant Chicken. Okay, I didn't actually get berated, but people were like, "WHOA! How did Pregnant Chicken not make the list?" I'll tell you how: I didn't know about it. After checking out what all the fuss was about and laughing right out loud I knew Pregnant Chicken would be on the list this go-round. Seriously, go check it out. 

    Visit Pregnant Chicken

  • Best Nursery Design Tips 10 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    In my book, checking out nurseries can provide a much-needed mini-vacation from all the heavy and sometimes stressful aspects of pregnancy. I just love the dreaminess, cuteness, and "wow!" factor of nursery designs!

  • Lay Baby Lay 11 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    I love Lay Baby Lay. The blog is just so pretty. And the nursery (and baby shower!) design ideas are to die for! I also love the ease of the topics and trends tabs. Looking for shared-room ideas? There's a button for that! I seriously get lost on Lay Baby Lay for hours ... 

    Visit Lay Baby Lay

  • Project Nursery 12 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    If you don't know Project Nurseryyou've never been pregnant. This blog is jam-packed with nursery ideas and photos! It's a lot denser than Lay Baby Lay, and while it sometimes overwhelms me, the lovely and fun nurseries always keep me coming back for more.

    Visit Project Nursery

  • Best for Baby Name Inspiration 13 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    Picking a name for your little bundle of joy is an essential (and totally enjoyable!) part of pregnancy. Doing so can be serious business, but it's also outrageously fun to create name lists! These blogs are among the best of the best.

  • Appellation Mountain 14 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    Appellation Mountain is my favorite baby-name blog. In fact, it's my go-to naming source. Its author, Abby Sandel, runs a great show over there! The blog is easy to use and totally has the best names of all the naming sites out there. Here, you'll find names that are slightly off the beaten path without being all-out ridiculous. You'll also enjoy a new name featured each day with the "Name of the Day" post. Trust me, if you're in a naming rut and need fresh ideas (or you're just obsessed with baby name, like me), Appellation Mountain is where you need to go. 

    Visit Appellation Mountain

  • You Can’t Call It "It" 15 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    I recently discovered You Can't Call It "It" on a friend's referral (the same friend, actually, who first introduced me to Appellation Mountain. Clearly, she's my name-nerd friend). It's a great blog for finding names by style and type. And ALL parents-to-be should read its post 7 Deadly Trends before naming their baby.

    Visit You Can't Call It "It"

  • Nameberry 16 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    I'm sure you've all already heard of Nameberry, and there's a reason for that: It's a great baby-naming blog! Ironically, I don't actually care for its name, but that doesn't take away from its authority one iota and it can hardly dilute the massive name database of over 50,000 names! 

    Visit Nameberry

  • Best for Eco-Friendly Tips 17 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    It's important that women take the best possible care of themselves during their pregnancies, and that includes limiting their exposure to chemicals, eating real foods, and making an effort to have a sustainable lifestyle when baby arrives. These blogs get you going in the right direction!

  • My Green and Natural Pregnancy 18 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    I included My Green and Natural Pregnancy on last year's list, and I couldn't imagine a "best of" list without it! The blog's author, Elizabeth, started it when she was pregnant with her third baby to offer others tips on how to go green during their pregnancies and reduce their exposure to chemicals and toxins. Her blog is wonderfully informative, and even though she only posts once a month these days (hello, Busy Mom!), her posts are just great.

    Visit My Green and Natural Pregnancy

  • Homemade Mommy 19 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    I first discovered Homemade Mommy on Facebook and immediately fell in love with Lindsey, the blog's author. While her blog isn't pregnancy-specific, Homemade Mommy is an awesome resource for expectant mothers, and it totally deserves to be listed here! Homemade Mommy shares awesome real-food recipes and offers natural alternatives to everyday chemical-ridden products. It's a go-to source for planning a healthier life for you and your baby.

    Visit Homemade Mommy

  • Naturally Knocked Up 20 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    Naturally Knocked Up is just great. I SO admire what author Donielle does with the blog: focusing on upping your chances of conceiving with a natural lifestyle and nourishing foods. She has great posts on cleansing for conception and pregnancy, and her recipes are super-yummy. Also, I love that her blog is clean and totally user-friendly. 

    Visit Naturally Knocked Up

  • Dirty Diaper Laundry 21 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    Dirty Diaper Laundry is another blog I discovered on Facebook and immediately fell in love with! Just as its name specifies, the blog deals in great part with cloth diapering. But it doesn't stop there. With fun and wit, Dirty Diaper Laundry also covers topics like attachment parenting and living an eco-friendly life. Oh, and the blog has killer giveaways!

    Visit Dirty Diaper Laundry

  • Cloth Diaper Geek 22 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    Cloth Diaper Geek is another awesome cloth-diapering blog that doesn't only focus on cloth diapers though it covers that super well, linking to and advocating the best of the best small cloth diaper businesses, while also hosting awesome giveaways and giving tips and tricks on greener living. 

    Visit Cloth Diaper Geek

  • Best for LGBT Families 23 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    Some of the most interesting pregnancy blogs belong to the LGBT community simply because of the unique issues involved. With LGBT families, bringing a child into the world is not always just about getting or being pregnant. Often — and I know this well — there is a huge amount of planning involved. Some of the issues involved with LGBT family planning include parental rights, reactions of extended family members, and so on. These blogs handle LGBT family planning and other topics specific to gay families. 

  • Mombian 24 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    I love Mombian so much that it made my list for a second year. And I'll repeat what I said about it last year: Mombian is an all-things-lesbian-mom blog that's to-the-point, political, and poignant. It blends current events with the real-life goings-on of a lesbian mother. I sometimes feel as though this blog was made just for me.

    Visit Mombian

  • The Next Family 25 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    The Next Family is just great. It serves as an incredibly useful resource for non-traditional families (like mine!). The blog stays fresh and informative with posts by various writers. Not to mention the countless topics the blog covers! 

    Visit The Next Family

  • She and She 26 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    She and She launched earlier this year, and while neither of the shes are actually pregnant (yet!), this blog rocks because it chronicles their baby-making planning process which, for lesbian moms, is a pretty darn big process. And these ladies share it all with you. It's simply wonderful. 

    Visit She and She

  • The Gay Dad Project 27 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    When I first discovered The Gay Dad Project, I was confused to learn that its founders are two women. Huh? I thought. And then I realized the blog wasn't at all what I thought it was. The Gay Dad Project is a blog that deals with the personal stories of those whose spouse or parent comes out. So what does this have to do with pregnancy, you ask? That's the thing about families  (and especially those with two gay parents): No two are alike. While pregnancy blogs handle the nine months of gestation and result in the birth of an infant, having an adult parent or spouse come out is very much like the birth of a new person. When a parent comes out to her kid, it's the child who suddenly has a new member of the family to learn and get to genuinely know. It isn't always easy, and The Gay Dad Project is there to help. It's truly an invaluable blog. 

    Visit The Gay Dad Project

  • Best for Coping with Pregnancy Loss 28 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    As much as I wish pregnancy loss and miscarriage wasn't part of the pregnancy realm, I sadly know that it all too often is. After I lost my twins at 17 weeks pregnant, I couldn't have gotten through the darkest days without these blogs.

  • Unspoken Grief 29 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    Unspoken Grief was founded and created by one of my dear coworkers here at Babble, but that has zero to do with why it made my list this year. Truth be told, I didn't really "discover" the blog (though I knew of it) until after the loss of my twins at 17 weeks pregnant. Numerous times, I turned to Unspoken Grief in my lowest and darkest moments. If you ever experience a pregnancy loss and I pray you never do this blog will make a world of difference in your life. 

    Visit Unspoken Grief

  • Hormonal Imbalances 30 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    The author of Hormonal Imbalances shares a story I never wanted to experience — but did — myself: the loss of twins during the 2nd trimester. I discovered Diana's story on Babble when I first started writing there over a year ago. I remember thinking how absolutely awful losing twins that far along must be. And then 7 months later, I found myself in her shoes. I follow Hormonal Imbalances religiously now, first for her story of loss, but now because she is pregnant again! Hope — that's what her blog gives me. 

    Visit Hormonal Imbalances

  • Best Overall 31 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    These are my absolute favorites!

  • Birth Without Fear 32 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    There isn't a better or more inspiring blog for pregnant women than Birth Without FearHere, you'll discover countless stories shared by the women who experienced them. Not only is the blog crazy-encouraging for all mothers and mothers-to-be by telling it like it is, it also shows it like it is with real-life birth photos. 

    Visit Birth Without Fear

  • Shape of a Mother 33 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    Forget the airbrushed photos and unrealistic images of what pregnant and postpartum women look like. The Shape of a Mother helps women of all sizes realize that their bodies stretchmarks, hanging skin, and all are nothing short of amazing and beautiful. 

    Visit Shape of a Mother

  • Babble Pregnancy 34 of 34
    Best Pregnancy Blogs

    Even if I didn't write for BabbleI'd still include Babble Pregnancy on this list! Bias aside, it truly is a great place for pregnant women to go. The blog offers real-life accounts of pregnancy from a variety of women (yes, myself included) who share their fears, losses,  joys, funnies, name ideas, mom-to-be fails,  nursery ideas, and more! Here, there's no such thing as TMI!

    Visit Babble Pregnancy


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