Top 25 Pregnancy Facebook Pages of 2013

Pregnancy isn’t an uncommon thing (that’s how we all arrived here, after all!), but sometimes it’s easy to feel like you’re the only one experiencing it. That’s why community is so important when it comes to being pregnant — or during any life-changing experience, for that matter.

To be honest, during my past pregnancies I wasn’t really active on Facebook. But now that I am pregnant again — and even before pregnancy, when I was trying to conceive and battling infertility — I found myself searching for support and information on Facebook, and I found it. And you can do the same!

You wouldn’t believe the number of  Facebook pages that are dedicated to providing useful information. Not to mention there are tons out there that serve as outlets for pregnancy storytelling — relating to everything from trying to conceive to birth loss. No matter what you’re going through, there’s definitely a Facebook page that can offer the support and guidance you’re seeking.

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  • Top 25 Pregnancy Facebook Fan Pages of 2013 1 of 32

    The best pregnancy Facebook pages for birth support, baby-feeding advice, and more!

  • Best for Trying to Conceive 2 of 32

    Whether you've just started trying to conceive or you've been at it for a while and are facing the challenges of infertility, finding the right support and information can make a world of difference. 

  • Naturally Knocked Up 3 of 32

    Fertility and conception are deep-rooted in our health, and when you're trying to conceive, eating healthfully matters. Naturally Knocked Up shares information and tips for increasing your chances of conceiving naturally — specifically by leading a healthy lifestyle.

    Visit Naturally Knocked Up on Facebook

  • 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility 4 of 32

    Infertility is a terribly stressful time, but sometimes humor is the best medicine. 999 reasons to laugh at infertility does just that — it makes us laugh with a community who understands.

    Visit 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility on Facebook

  • Natural Fertility Breakthrough 5 of 32

    Fertility specialist Gabriela is an expert in natural ways to boost one's fertility, and she offers great tips on how a healthier lifestyle can lead to a healthier pregnancy and baby. Her page is packed with useful information about the best foods to add to your diet, and she's even open to answering community questions.

    Visit Natural Fertility on Facebook

  • Infertility Sucks 6 of 32

    If you're looking for laughs, advice, community questions, and people who understand the stresses that come along with infertility, Infertility Sucks is a frank, funny, and supportive page that's sure to make you feel less alone.

    Visit Infertility Sucks on Facebook

  • Two Moms Make a Right 7 of 32

    When we're trying to conceive, finding others who are walking a similar path can bring a lot of hope. Two Moms Make a Right features stories of two mom hopefuls as they try to conceive. The blogger who runs the site, Alea, shares her stories — some triumphant, and others a bit sadder — and her content always pulls me right in.

    Visit Two Moms Make a Right on Facebook

  • Best for Community Support 8 of 32

    During pregnancy, we can often find comfort in the stories of others whose situations reflect our own. A community of people who simply "get it" can offer support, reassurance, or even humor when you feel most alone. These pages prove community can go a long way!

  • Pregnant Chicken 9 of 32

    This page and its community of more than 31,000 people know what's up when it comes to pregnancy. They're not afraid to share the funny and the strange, along with the good and the bad. Chances are, if you're experiencing something, someone here is too. Positive and full of humor, this page is a must-follow.

    Visit Pregnant Chicken on Facebook

  • Birth Stories on Demand 10 of 32

    This page is full of fun community photos showing off new moms' pregnancy shapes. It's also great because it celebrates pregnancy in a positive, sometimes humorous light while providing useful information.

    Visit Birth Stories on Demand on Facebook

  • Babble Pregnancy 11 of 32

    Not to toot our own horn, but the writers for Babble Pregnancy are amazing women who cover all the bases: the funny, the sad, the happy, and then some. The community has quickly grown, and people among the Babble community often share their pregnancy stories on this page, too.

    Visit Babble Pregnancy on Facebook

  • All That Love Can Do 12 of 32

    The truth is, pregnancy is not all roses for everyone, which makes this page even more important. A support page for families who are continuing their pregnancies after receiving fatal fetal diagnoses, this page offers support, understanding, practical tips, and a whole lot of love.

    Visit All That Love Can Do on Facebook

  • Best for Birth Support 13 of 32

    Some women view giving birth as an empowering experience, while others are terrified by it. Finding a great place for information that won't use scare tactics — but instead helps lift our spirits and prepare us for the big day — can help keep us all at ease.

  • The Unnecesarean 14 of 32

    This page empowers women to make informed decisions when it comes to the type of birth they want. It encourages women to ask questions about their care and to understand their rights to consent and refusal. It's full of interesting (and sometimes alarming) statistics, and useful information on how to advocate for ourselves.

    Visit The Unnecesarean on Facebook

  • Birth Without Fear 15 of 32

    This page is all about women supporting women. With educational resources mixed with humor and real-life stories, this page is full of support for everyone and encourages women to believe in their bodies and birth without fear.

    Visit Birth Without Fear on Facebook

  • Postpartum Progress 16 of 32

    The official Facebook page for one of the most widely read blogs on postpartum depression, anxiety, psychosis, and depression, this page encourages women to inform themselves and ask for support. It's packed with information on the latest studies, and it serves as a meeting place for people to share their real-life stories.

    Visit Postpartum Progress on Facebook

  • Tiny Blue Lines 17 of 32

    Whether those two lines on the pregnancy test were planned and hoped for or a welcome surprise, pregnancy can be a little intimidating. This page, for the blog of a young mom of three, encourages and empowers other young moms from that very first moment.

    Visit Tiny Blue Lines on Facebook

  • Best for Health Info 18 of 32

    Whether you're looking for reliable information about what to expect during pregnancy, what to avoid, or how to deal afterward, there are tons of resources on Facebook that can help provide the best of the best advice for staying healthy before, during, and after your pregnancy.

  • Cora’s Story 19 of 32

    Cora's Story is all about Cora May McCormick, who died at five days old from undetected congenital heart defects. Her mom, Kristine, is keeping her name alive through this page, and changing the world in the process. Bills have been passed all over the U.S. to make it mandatory to give pulse ox screenings before newborns leave the hospital. This page is full of empowering information that could help save other children's lives.

    Visit Cora's Story on Facebook

  • March of Dimes 20 of 32

    One of the most well-known nonprofits dedicated to helping moms have full-term pregnancies and give birth to healthy babies, this page is full of information any pregnant woman would find handy. 

    Visit March of Dimes on Facebook

  • Childbirth Connection 21 of 32

    If you're looking for evidence-based information about pregnancy, you will find it here. You can learn about C-sections, breastfeeding, and health care — all in one place! This page can help provide exactly the birth you want. 

    Visit Childbirth Connection on Facebook 

  • From the Hips 22 of 32

    Full of links to interesting articles relating to pregnancy, birth, and new motherhood, this page is full of information that provides comfort and reassurance to all pregnant women.

    Visit From the Hips on Facebook 

  • Best for Loss Support 23 of 32

    No one wants to think about those scary "what-ifs," but for many those fears become a reality. Finding a place of support to turn to during your grief can help guide you through those often-confusing emotions. 

  • Unspoken Grief 24 of 32

    Although I founded this website, the community members on Facebook really are the movers and shakers behind this page's success. With this amazing and supportive community consisting of anyone touched directly or indirectly from miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal loss, you will find support from others, stories of grief and hope, and information about perinatal grief.

    Visit Unspoken Grief on Facebook

  • Still Standing Magazine 25 of 32

    Still Standing Magazine is for those who have been touched by infertility or loss, and it is full of amazing and heart-touching stories from all over. Join this community and odds are there will be someone who understands your feelings and what you're going through.

    Visit Still Standing Magazine on Facebook

  • CarlyMarie 26 of 32

    CarlyMarie is an amazing resource for those enduring grief due to miscarriage, stillbirth, or neonatal death. CarlyMarie shares amazing information about how you can get involved in breaking the silence, and it offers encouraging words and ideas for putting your grief into incredible artwork.

    Visit CarlyMarie on Facebook

  • Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep 27 of 32

    A well-known nonprofit, NILMDTS is one of the most referred resources for after loss. Their specialty is remembrance photography after loss, and they offer resources, support, and work to make this available for all.

    Visit NILMDTS on Facebook

  • Best for Baby-feeding Support 28 of 32

    However you plan to feed your newborn, getting the right information before bringing your little one into the world can help set you up for the best start. Whether it be breastfeeding, bottle-feeding or a combination, finding the right information can make a world of a difference. 

  • The Fearless Formula Feeder 29 of 32

    If you're planning on bottle-feeding with formula, you need access to information and support — and that is exactly what this page brings. From the latest studies to how to choose the right formula, this is the page for you.

    Visit The Fearless Formula Feeder on Facebook

  • KellyMom 30 of 32

    I believe getting the right information about breastfeeding before giving birth is a great idea! If you agree, KellyMom is full of evidence-based information that will help you achieve your breastfeeding goals.

    Visit KellyMom on Facebook 

  • Best for Babes 31 of 32

    Dedicated to bringing the best resources and information to all breastfeeding moms — no matter how long or short you have breastfed — Best for Babes is an amazing advocate for breastfeeding rights and information.

    Visit Best for Babes Foundation on Facebook

  • The Leaky B@@b 32 of 32

    If you feel like you're not really sure what to expect when it comes to breastfeeding and you have a lot of questions, this is the page to visit. Full of expert and real-mom information, this page is sure to hold the key to any concern you may have!

    Visit The Leaky Boob on Facebook

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