My Top 5 Morning Sickness "Cures"

In the first trimester with my first child, I hardly remember a blip in the radar of my well-being. Sure, I sometimes woke up feeling nauseous and occasionally wretched into the toilet, and, yes, I often nodded off around 8 p.m. in the middle of a “Law and Order” re-run, but on the whole, I lived my life.

With a second child, it seems, everything changes. I already don’t get enough sleep … ever. Most of the day is not about me and my physical or mental well-being. And, so, it shouldn’t be surprising that morning sickness has crept up on me as a rather unpleasant and unexpected guest–and one, as is often noted–that does not confine itself to the before noon hours.

Not one to sit around and mope, I’ve come up with my own set of cures. Check out my top five morning sickness cures after the jump, and please leave yours in the comments section.

1. Protein bars, specifically Clif Bars. I start every morning with as many nibbles as I can stand from either a Crunchy Peanut Butter or Chocolate Chip Clif Bar. Protein is said to lessen the symptoms of morning sickness, and I’ve found these bars to be the most tasty and least stomach-churning option. I’ve thrown up many breakfast foods, but never protein bars. Also, they fill you up. And, if you’re like me and require an ungodly amount of calories to sustain a growing being, you’ll appreciate that aspect, as well.

2. Eggs. It sounds simple, but a mid-morning breakfast of a scrambled egg and a little American cheese almost always settles my stomach. Even when I can’t down toast, an egg does the trick.

3. Old Cape Cod oyster crackers. Everyone talks about Saltines as a stomach-calmer, but oyster crackers had never occurred to me until a friend brought a box over to soothe my pain. Salty, buttery, puffy–yet still relatively benign in the flavor department–these blow those Saltines right out of the water.

4. Sea Bands. Sure, the unfashionable bands look like tiny sweatbands wrapped around one’s wrist, but I swear by my Sea Bands. The acupressure bands fit snugly around the wrists and have a plastic “button” that pops out and puts pressure on the P-6 point. I first heard of them from friends who suffer from motion sickness, but I’ll attest they work pretty well for the morning variety, too.

5. B-Natal vitamin supplements. It is theorized (morning sickness is very poorly understood) that a deficiency in vitamin B6 in the form of pyridoxine may be a cause of morning sickness. One enterprising nauseous mom-to-be took this information and created a vitamin supplement in lollipop or lozenge form. When I’ve tried everything else, I pop a lollipop and the raging usually calms down. The one downside of this cure is that my son insists on a lollipop to be just like mommy.

What are your secret “cures” for morning sickness?

Article Posted 6 years Ago

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