Top 5 Pregnancy Trends for 2013

5 Top Pregnancy Trends for 2013

Gender-reveal parties, babymoons, and city-named babies are so last year. 2013 brings its own new trends to the table that are sure to keep expectant moms on their toes. These fresh new fads will make your pregnancy the talk of the town — oh no, wait, that’s Kate Middleton’s pregnancy…

But, hey! Don’t let the Royal Baby steal your thunder. Make your pregnancy news-worthy with the 5 hot pregnancy trends of 2013.

  • It’s All in the Name 1 of 5
    It's All in the Name
    Since emerald is the 2013 color of the year, it's expected there will be a rise in green-themed names: Hunter, Jade, Fern, Olive, and Forest should be among them. We'll also enjoy a departure from city names, like Brooklyn and Paris, while we shift to state names. We can thank celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Rosie O'Donnell for setting the trend when they named their newest additions Tennessee and Dakota, respectively. But the naming trends won't stop there (lucky for us). The popularity of Downton Abbey is sure to bring a rise to early-20th-century names.
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  • The Year of the Boob 2 of 5
    The Year of the Boob
    2012 was a big year for breastfeeding insofar as the media coverage it received. Think: cover of Time magazine; NYC's ban on free formula "goodie bags" in hospitals; and the new law that requires insurance companies to cover breast pumps and lactation-consultant visits. 2013 is certain to bring more boobs to the mouths of babes.
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  • Sooner Social Sharing 3 of 5
    Sooner Social Sharing
    Gone are the days of waiting until the 12th week to share your pregnancy. Thanks to Kate Middleton (whether she wanted to or not) for her pregnancy becoming world news before 12 weeks and to the ever-increasing oversharing culture of social media, expectant moms are likely to share the news of their pregnancies -- and ultrasounds, symptoms, and detail after detail -- sooner than traditionally.
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  • Neon Nurseries 4 of 5
    Neon Nurseries
    Hello, hipsters and trend lovers alike! The nurseries of 2013's babies ain't yo' mama's nursery. Pale pinks and muted blues are so yesterday. Adding pops of neon -- pillows, walls, throw rugs -- is going to be the thing to do this year.
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  • Party, Party, Party 5 of 5
    Party, Party, Party
    At-home ultrasound parties to reveal your baby's gender are the next big deal -- blue or pink cakes just don't make the cut anymore. And while baby showers for a second or third or fourth or just-stop-having-kids-now fifth child have long been taboo, meet-the-baby parties are growing in popularity, and have been dubbed "sip and see."
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