Top 5 Reasons to Ditch your OB/GYN

When I became pregnant in 2009, I went to my first prenatal appointment with the assumption that my OB would be professional, caring, and attentive.

As my pregnancy progressed, I found myself leaving each appointment feeling increasingly frustrated and depressed.

I felt like my OB didn’t care about me or my pregnancy—but as a first time mom, the idea of changing doctors while pregnant was terrifying.

Fourteen weeks into my second pregnancy, I made one of the best decisions of my life by switching Obstetricians.

If you are experiencing one of these scenarios, it might be time to give your OB the boot!

1. Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen: If you are a pregnant patient in a large practice, you may be forced to see a different OB at each of your prenatal appointments. The idea is to ensure you have at least met once with the OB who will show up to deliver your baby. The major downfall, of course, is that you are not given enough time to form a trusting relationship with any one physician.

2. Your OB Doesn’t Support Your Birth Plan: Are you hoping for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean?) How about a drug-free birth? If you’ve discussed your wishes with your OB, and get the feeling that he or she is not fully supportive of your decisions, it may be time to look elsewhere. The last thing you want when it comes down to the wire, is a doctor who is not on board with you!

3. Your OB Doesn’t Have Time for You: If you find yourself sitting in the waiting room for an hour, only to be rushed in and out of the exam room within 5 minutes, this may be a good indicator that your OB is too busy to offer you the attention you deserve.

4. Your OB Has a High Cesarean Rate: If you aren’t sure what your OB’s cesarean section rate is, it’s a question worth asking. The difference between 15% and 50% is pretty significant, and upon inquiring, you may even find that your OB or hospital do not offer VBAC as an option—period. This is one of the main reasons I switched OB’s during my second pregnancy.

5. Your OB Makes you Uncomfortable: Do you get a bad feeling about your OB? Is he or she unprofessional, insensitive, or even plain rude? Let’s face it—sometimes doctors are jerks—and dealing with a jerk through one of the most profound experiences of your life can be avoided.

I only wish that I would have had the courage to switch OB’s during my first pregnancy. The stories you’ve heard about wonderful, warm, amazing OB’s are true—they are out there.

Finding the right Obstetrician or Midwife can truly make all the difference in your pregnancy and birth experience.

Have you ever considered switching OB’s?

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Article Posted 7 years Ago

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