Top 5 Tips For Staying Fashionable While Pregnant

It's all about layering.

Once I hit the third trimester I pretty much gave up on trying to look anything but big and pregnant. It was just too hard. It was all about leggings and tent dresses for me.

However, had I been aware of a few simple fashion tips I might have been able to continue looking good all the way through week 40.

Yep. There are a few secrets about pregnancy and clothing that I simply did not know about until I had already given birth but you can be sure I will utilize every tip below for my next pregnancy!

The rubber band trick: So easy!  And brilliant.  Putting a rubber band around the button of your jeans will give you extra inches and keep you in your favorite jeans for a lot longer.  I know some girls who never even had to buy maternity jeans, thanks to the rubber band trick.  Just put an elastic band halfway through the buttonhole of your jeans. Put one end of the elastic through the other end’s loop hole and pull tight. When you’re ready to “fasten” your jeans, simply slip the rubber band loop over to the button.  If that explanation is too confusing, take a look at this photo, or this one, it might help you figure it out. There are several other ways to expand your pre-pregnancy jeans, but the rubber band trick is by far the fastest and easiest.

Maxis are a must: Long, empire-waist maxi dresses are not only chic, but they are comfortable and flattering. Pair them with flats and you can go just about anywhere. Jessica Alba is the queen of the maxi dress.

Belt your bump: Using a belt may seem like the wrong maneuver when pregnant but many women, myself included, make the mistake of wearing giant, shapeless maternity dresses.  Belting a shirt or a dress creates a more fitted silhouette, showcases your bump and also helps folks to realize that yes, you are pregnant and not just fat.  Loose and flowing sounds nice, but actually makes you look bigger than you are. Check out how fantastic Selma Blair looks rocking the bump belt here.

Fitted jackets over tight tanks: The same principle is at play here as in using a belt. The tight tank will showcase your bump, yet the fitted jacket, blazer or cardigan will hide any back fat that’s bumming you out. Or, for a more casual, urban look you can imitate the style shown in the photo up there on the left.

Avoid maternity clothes: Sounds weird, I know. But maternity clothes are expensive, tend to be tent-like and the affordable maternity clothes usually aren’t the most fashionable pieces around. Just be creative when shopping at your regular stores. Buy a size up, look for empire-waisted clothing, maxi dresses and stretch fabrics. You’ll be fashionable at half the cost of maternity clothing!

What about you? Got any tips you can share?

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