Top 5 Worst Things About Being Pregnant

40 weeks pregnant with my first baby. Brown hair!

It’s no secret.  I hate being pregnant.  HATE IT.  But I love being a mom, so it’s a means to an end, you know?

I was thinking about the things I hate most about pregnancy and they’re all pretty obvious, but I thought I’d list them here and then ask y’all to go ahead and vent about what bugs you the most while pregnant.  Maybe you’re one of those gals (jealous!) who doesn’t get morning sickness.  Your list will definitely be different than mine.

Here we go:

Morning Sickness: My morning sickness isn’t in the morning and doesn’t end after the first trimester.  I puke from about week six right up until I give birth.  And I puke during labor too.  I’m a puker, what can I say?  Morning sickness, for me, is THE worst part about being pregnant.

Gaining Weight: The second worst part about being pregnant is the weight gain.  I gained 50 pounds with my daughter and 60 pounds with my son.  Sixty pounds!  Do you know how hard that is to lose?  My weight gain is tied to morning sickness.  The only thing that keeps the puke at bay is food, so I end up stuffing food down my gullet all day long.  Does being pregnant make complaining about weight gain tacky? I don’t care, I hate gaining that much weight! And it’s not so much about appearance as how awful I feel.

Lack of Sleep: This one mostly pertains to the end of the second trimester and the entire third trimester but still, that’s like, what, four months?  That’s a lot of tossing and turning, yo.  Also, I get that whole rhinitis thing that makes my nose stuffy which makes sleeping even more difficult.  I can honestly tell you that I have slept more since I had my son than before he was born.

Constant Peeing: The peeing, my God, the peeing!  It’s a nightmare.  Every ten minutes I had to pee and then only a teaspoon.  Stumbling to the bathroom eight-hundred times every night is bad enough, but making the trek to the restroom while at work is THE WORST.  Especially when you have to pass the same people’s offices over and over again.  You just know they’re thinking, Dear God, she’s peeing AGAIN?

Super Sniffer: This might seem like a weird one but you know how your sense of smell is magnified by about a billion when you’re pregnant?  Does that happen to you?  It’s like I’m a super hero and my super power is smelling.  It’s so bad I couldn’t scoop dog food into the dogs’ bowls without retching.  I couldn’t use certain shampoos or conditioners without puking in the shower.  I had to give away certain lotions because the scent made me WANT TO DIE.

Come on!  I’ve showed you mine, now show me yours.  What are your top five worst things about being pregnant?

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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