Top 7 Baby-Name Trends for 2013

Top 7 Baby-Naming Trends for 2013

I can’t get enough about names! What a wonderful honor it is to be able to name another human being, and it’s a ton of fun thinking of names, learning new ones, and sharing name ideas especially for twins! Playing the name game has been increasingly enjoyable lately, since my spouse and I are getting closer and closer to a legitimate list of names, and agreeing more and more on what we like.

You can imagine my delight when I came across the post from Nameberry, a site where they post about what they expect to be the hottest baby-naming trends in 2013. It’s both humbling and exciting to learn that two of my potential name choices are trendy. It’s somehow validating (though I’m hardly looking for validation when it comes to my choices) and also disappointing to realize just how not original my thinking is.

What about you? Do any of the names you’re considering fall under these hot baby-name trends for 2013?

  • Wildflower Names 1 of 7
    Wildflower Names
    Lily and variations of Rose remain popular, but the newest flowery naming trend takes a step away from the traditional garden and looks toward the great wide open. Naming your child after a wildflower is expected to be a fresher way to include botanical names in 2013. Look for a rise in Clover, Poppy, Juniper, and Maple.
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    Source: Nameberry
  • Meaningful Places Names 2 of 7
    Meaningful Places Names
    Celebrities like Reece Witherspoon, who named her son Tennessee, and Jemima Kirke, who named her son Memphis, are paving the way for us everyday folk to name our children after places that are special to us. My wife & I had considered Aquinnah (after the beach on Martha's Vineyard where we got engaged), but with the only viable nickname being Quinn which we both feel is too popular the name got crossed off our list.
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    Source: Nameberry
  • Non-name Middle Names 3 of 7
    Non-name Middle Names
    More and more, we're seeing parents choose non-name words as middle names. Words like Sweetheart, Ballerina (if you can believe that), Bear, and Song are finding their way into the moniker scene. This isn't entirely new, as we've seen names like Meadow, Star, and River for years. But the non-name middle names are getting even further out there.
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    Source: Nameberry
  • Retro Midcentury Nicknames 4 of 7
    Retro Midcentury Nicknames
    We can thank the Mad Men craze for the boost in 1950 nicknames being used as full first names. This trend brings quick and snappy names to the forefront, such as Millie and Hank.
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    Source: Nameberry
  • Leonine Names 5 of 7
    Leonine Names
    My great grandmother's name is Leona, and it's a top contender on our girls' list. Seems like we're right in fashion. According to Nameberry, families are looking for variants of Leo now that the famous DiCaprio has made that moniker popular. Expect to see more babies named Leonie, Lionel, Lev, and Leonora.
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    Source: Nameberry
  • Ancient Names 6 of 7
    Ancient Names
    The Hunger Games, in part, is making the old new again. Nameberry suspects that the names of old-world gods and goddesses, and mythological heroes will boom in 2013. Keep yours ears peeled for Augustus, Atticus, Persephone, Athena, Thor, and Maeve, among others.
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    Source: Nameberry
  • Keeping The Name a Secret! 7 of 7
    Keeping The Name a Secret!
    This is becoming especially popular among some celebrities. And who could blame them for wanting a little anonymity for their children. But you don't have to be famous to make use of this trend. Don't feel like hearing people's feedback about the name you've chosen? Keep it a secret until the baby arrives. It would take a wholly rude person to insult the name of a child already born.
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    Source: Nameberry

Be sure to check out Nameberry’s full list of top baby-name trend predictions for 2013!

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