Top Baby TWIN Names of 2011

The baby blogosphere is all abuzz after the Social Security Administration released the most popular baby names of 2011.

The Top 10 list shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise for anyone following baby names, except that Sophia finally edged out Isabella for the top girl spot, and baby boy name Mason jumped from #12 to #2 (perhaps because of a certain Kardashian baby).

But the Social Security Administration also released the top baby names for twins born in 2011. And although you’ll see a little bit of mixing and matching between the current Top 10 names, there are also some names that standout solely for their twin popularity.

There’s a lot of alliteration, a lot of rhyming, and a couple of jaw droppers. Take a look at the top 10 twin names for girl/girl, boy/girl, and boy/boy twins, which we paired with adorable twin outfits that you can buy for your twins-to-be:

  • image-1336 1 of 33
  • 1. Olivia and Sophia 2 of 33
    Sophia and Isabella might be the reigning champs of girl names, but parents of twin girls found that "Olivia and Sophia" had a nicer ring.

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  • 2. Gabriella and Isabella 3 of 33
    Gabriella comes in at #34 in the Top Girls Names for 2011, yet it ranks an impressive #2 when paired with its more popular -ella counterpart.

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  • 3. Ella and Emma 4 of 33
    Ella (#12) got bumped up to a top twin choice when paired with its more popular "E" counterpart.

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  • 4. Faith and Hope 5 of 33
    Predictable, yes, but at #4?!

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  • 5. Makayla and Makenzie 6 of 33
    Neither of these names rank in the Top 50 for 2011, yet paired together they land in the Top 5 most popular names for twin girls.

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  • 6. Heaven and Nevaeh 7 of 33
    NUMBER 6, PEOPLE. Number 6.

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  • 7. Isabella and Sophia 8 of 33
    The combo of Heaven and Nevaeh beat out the two most popular girl names: Sophia and Isabella.

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  • 8. Mackenzie and Madison 9 of 33
    Madison landed at #8 for both twin and non-twin girls in 2011. (It was #8 in 2010, too.)

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  • 9. Hailey and Hannah 10 of 33
    Hailey and Hannah are the only two "H" names that ranked in the Top 50 names for baby girls in 2011. (Harper wasn't far behind at #54.)

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  • 10. Abigail and Olivia 11 of 33
    There's no alliteration and no rhyming — just two classic girl names that happen to be quite popular right now.

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  • 1. Madison and Mason 13 of 33
    Mason was the all-star boy name of 2011, and apparently this goes for twins too. Madison is reclaiming her throne on top with this boy/girl pair, as well. In fact, Madison and Mason were by far the most popular boy/girl twin names for the year.

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  • 2. Olivia and Owen 14 of 33
    Owen is slightly creeping up in popularity all-around, so it's no surprise that parents of twins chose this "O" name to compliment Olivia. (Although I'm surprised, seeing the rest of these name pairs, it wasn't Oliver. Relieved, but surprised.)

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  • 3. Jayda and Jayden 15 of 33
    (Or "Jay" and "Jay," as they're affectionately called.)
    Jayden is quite a popular name for 2011, ranking even higher than the original chart-topper Aiden. In fact, Jayden (or Jaden) appears five times in this Top Baby Names for Twins list — twice for boy/girl twins, and three times for boy/boy twins.

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  • 4. Emma and Ethan 16 of 33
    Two popular "E" names make an adorable pair.

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  • 5. Isabella and Isaiah 17 of 33
    While we all know Isabella is one of the hottest names of the moment (and the moment before that, and the moment before that...), Isaiah is barely clinging to the Top 50 (although slightly rising from last year). Yet parents deemed Isaiah the perfect male counterpart to Isabella.

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  • 6. Addison and Aiden 18 of 33
    Although Addison and Aiden are ever-so-slightly falling from their peak popularity, it was a popular twin pairing for 2011.

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  • 7. Emily and Ethan 19 of 33
    It was a close call between Emily and Emma to compliment a baby Ethan. Not surprising considering Emily ranked high at #6 for 2011 (with Emma ranking at #3).

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  • 8. Aiden and Ava 20 of 33
    Another trendy "A" pairing for Aiden.

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  • 9. Ella and Ethan 21 of 33
    And of course Ella is another strong contender to compliment Ethan.

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  • 10. Jada and Jaden 22 of 33
    This just proves how popular the Jada/Jaden pair is — with or without the "y."

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  • 1. Daniel and David 24 of 33
    Daniel and David both slightly dropped in popularity for 2011, but together they're unstoppable. More twins were named Daniel and David than any other name pairing in 2011.

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  • 2. Jacob and Joshua 25 of 33
    Jacob is the #1 most popular boy's name for 2011, and this pairing was almost as popular as David and Daniel.

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  • 3. Isaac and Isaiah 26 of 33
    Parents of twins just can't help themselves with the cute alliteration. Neither of these names made the Top 10, 20, or even 30 list for 2011 — yet parents sure like how they sound together.

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  • 4. Jayden and Jordan 27 of 33
    Another popular pair including Jayden.

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  • 5. Ethan and Evan 28 of 33
    Ethan is just as popular for twins as Jayden, also appearing five times in these Top 10 lists.

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  • 6. Elijah and Isaiah 29 of 33
    Elijiah is creeping up the baby ranks all across the board. Instead of the same first syllable, this pairing has a shared -ah sound at the end.

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  • 7. Matthew and Michael 30 of 33
    Reigning champs of the baby-name world, I'd expect this pair to be on the list.

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  • 8. Jayden and Jaylen 31 of 33
    Yet once again.

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  • 9. Ethan and Nathan 32 of 33
    These similar-sounding names belonged to 25 twins in 2011.

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  • 10. Jayden and Kayden 33 of 33
    Same goes for this pair — 25 baby boys were named Jayden and Kayden.

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It should be noted that while the most popular baby names (Sophia and Jacob) belonged to around 20,000 babies in 2011 (each), the top names for twins had less than 60 twins per name pair in 2011.

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